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Are you willing to go into training to win the prize?

We look at the sacrifices that athletes make, and we understand why they do what they do. In the same way, we have to be willing to "go into training" to obtain eternal life

Life on the Ark

Did I just step in something?

Life in the church isn't always easy, just as living on the ark with a bunch of animals wasn't easy for Noah. But what's the alternative?


What's the most extravagant gift you ever got?

While people may think they are giving truly remarkable gifts, no gift can match that of God's own Son.


What's your story?

You've got a story. It's a unique story that's being written every day. But your story needs an ending, a happy ending. And I know that the only way your story can end happily is if you make your story part of God's story.

No Air Conditioning in a Heat Wave

Is it really hotter than hell this summer?

The worst part of hell is not the heat and fear. It is being separated from God. He sent His Son so that would not happen.

Sunny Morning

One morning seemed brighter than all the rest

There is no cleansing like the one that God gives us when we give our life to Him.

A Promised Pardon

Billy the Kid is still waiting

We all need a pardon from God, forgiveness for our sins. But He won't make us wait.

It’s ALL About Heaven!

Why tell people about Jesus?

It's All about Heaven!! Our mission, obligation and responsibility is to tell the remaining 2/3 of the world's population (4.4 Billion) about Jesus, so that those who do what God commands will go to Heaven.

The Hardest Lesson Lost

Are we the older brothers?

Phil Ware continues his series on the prodigal son called The Journey Home focusing this week on the older brother and the hardest lesson to lose: that it is better in the Father's house!


How much rest is enough?

Where God's people once practiced a one-day-per-week rest, we know seek a rest that will never end.

Who Can Separate Us from the Love of God?

How do we get away from God?

But, if we choose to allow Jesus to redeem us, save us, make us Holy, affirm that we are worthy---Then NOTHING can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Thankful Turkeys

Post thanksgiving turkeys have much to be thankful for. So do we.

We sometimes fail to process how thankful we should be for what God has done to keep us from what we deserve.

Go Take a Dip

Imagine the power of the powerless!

Phil Ware continues his Old Testament stories called Light on the Dark Side of the Mountain and talks this week about the unnamed servant girl and Naaman.

A Small Man, a Big Day

Who would have thought he would be out on a limb?

Patrick Odum does a fictional biography styled account of Zacchaeus and Jesus and the special moment in the tree.

It's a Good Feeling To Be Chosen

Waiting to be chosen can be agonizing

It can be nerve-wracking to wait to see if we will be chosen for a job or to participate in a group. But God made His choice a long time ago.

Do We Believe It?

Our actions reveal our beliefs

If we don’t tell others about Jesus, if our actions contradict our professed ideals, if we claim concern about people’s souls for eternity, but make no significant effort to share with them our Savior -- then we must not believe God or we don’t care.


Peace be with you

Peace with God comes through trusting in Jesus, trusting in His love and His care for us.

Celebration in Heaven

Lost ring, found joy!

Patrick Odum writes about a lost class ring and compares it to Jesus' parable about the lost coin and reminds us that the joy of someone coming to Christ should thrill us, too.

Switching the Tags

Jesus says the world's values are all upside down

Jesus looks at a poor church in Revelation 2 and declares them rich. True riches aren't measured with dollar signs; they are found in the relationships that we build.

God's Twin Grace

Why do we often emphasize one, but forget the other?

Phil Ware writes about the grace of God to save us from sin and for holy living.

Throwing Stones

The church is not a rock-throwing society ...

The story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery teaches us how the church should deal with sinful people ... because the church is full of sinful people.

Who Are You?

Have you lost your identity?

Phil Ware challenges us to look at our identity built around the question of "Who are you?" and the answer framed by the work of Jesus.

Did I Get Everything Right?

Better check those tax forms one more time

If we try to earn our own salvation, we will never have peace with God. Peace comes from accepting his free gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Showing God's Love

What can you do to show it?

Alan Smith shares a story about Doug Nichols in India while he was in a sanatarium and how his service opened the door to his evangelism.


Are you playing religious games or are you really delivered?

Phil Ware shares another insight from Colossians about deliverance from the dead-end alleys, the dark dungeons, and the pits that keep us trapped and reminds us how Jesus brings deliverance.