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A Knock at the Door

Somebody's at the door.

No matter what we've done, God is willing to seek us out and bring us back home.

Lost and Found

Isn't it a blessing when you find what's been lost?!

Phil Ware tells about a time he lost his son Zachary and then found him and the joy of finding lost sheep in the teaching of Jesus.

God's Twin Grace

Why do we often emphasize one, but forget the other?

Phil Ware writes about the grace of God to save us from sin and for holy living.

A Churchy Word

So what does repentance mean, anyway?

Repentance is more than feeling sorry about sin. It's a change, a change of mind that brings about a change in life.

Love Path 911: Can We Have a Good Marriage?

After all that has happened, can we have a good marriage?

Joe Beam answers the reader's question about having a good marriage again after all the hurt and sinfulness?

The Ally of God's Grace

When's the last time you heard a call for real life change?

Bill Denton reminds us that we are not only saved from something but for something, and we need to display that salvation through repentance and life that is changed into what God made us to be.

Wake Up Call

Are we awake or have we chosen to fall asleep?

Russ Lawson talks about events that shocked us and awakened us from our lethargy, but reminds us that we often just sink back into our old habits.

Revival Fire

What needs to be forced out of your heart?

Mike Barres talks about burning wood and the fire forcing out the moisture so it can burn brighter and longer.

Lord and Christ

Jesus must be more than just a Savior!

Mike Barres rejoices in the birth of Jesus as our Savior, but also reminds us that He must also be our Lord!

Face the Mirror and Face the Music

You mean he means me?

Patrick Odum confronts us with the words of John the baptist about repentance and how we need to face ourselves honestly in the mirror.

Getting Close to God

Are you righteous enough to get close to God?

Bill Denton reminds us that the Pharisees' problem wasn't their love for Scripture, but their willingness to condemn others and justify themselves.

God Gets Mad

If it makes God mad, shouldn't we get angry, too?

Rubel Shelly reminds that God hates and gets angry at evil and calls us to be stirred to anger and action.

The Little Church That Could

Do you think you can?

Larry Davies takes the story of "The Little Engine that Could" and applies it to church.

East from West

How far can our sin be gone?

Warren Baldwin shares insights into Psalm 103 and the grace of God that delivers us from sin and guilt and shame.

Is This On Your List?

Why put something like this on your Christmas list?

Larry Davies reminds of our need to repent and get our hearts and behavior right if we are going to prepare the way for Jesus at Christmas.

The Front Porch

What kind of concept is this for a church?

Phil Ware shares how his church suddenly saw their call from God to be a front porch to the people of their community and how it changed them and helped them find their roots right back in the early story of Jesus' followers.

Power to Change

Warning: God still answers prayers!

When we pray for people, God actually works in their lives. The story of Fernando's conversion reminds us of the power of prayer.

Everything Is Yours!

How much difference should it make in our lives to know it all is ours?

Tom Norvell remembers the words of the father to the older brother in the parable of the Prodigal son that everything the father has is his, it belongs to him.

Broken Spirit

How good is your spirit?

Alan Smith reminds us that we have to be moldable, to have a broken and contrite spirit if God is going to do anything with us.

Learning to Tremble

Have you learned the ultimate act of reverence

Kimberly takes an honest self-appraisal and listens to God to learn that she needs to tremble in awe of God and his grace and at her own sin.

Feeling Good about Feeling Bad?

Can you actually feel good about your sorrow for sin?

This is an honest look at repentance and sorrow and life change, and reminds us that God's goal isn't our sorrow, but our reformed life.

Be Like the Dumpster

Why would you ever want to be like a dumpster?

A dumpster with the word grace written on it reminds Tammy Marcelain of the great work that God can do in our lives to bring hope and joy and meaning when we receive His grace.

The Greatest Miracle of All

What is the greatest blessing that we have in Christ?

While there are many miracles in the Bible, the greatest miracle of all is a changed life!

Way of God's Blessing

Have you turned to God's way of blessing?

God blesses us by giving us Jesus and also a holy lifestyle.

Germs of the Spirit

Have you really thrown them away or just tried to clean them up?

We need to not only be sorry for our sin, but we also need to get rid of the things in our lives that lead us to sin.