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Is It Really Over?

So what do you do now that it has come to an end?

Tom Norvell looks at how the disciples must have felt right after Jesus' death and then talks about a year ending and the New Year beginning.

Marking Time

How restless are you when things run overtime?

Russell Lawson shares a perspective of time as we close out the year.

Treadmill of Life

So are you ready to stay up on that exercise thing this year?

Teresa Bell Kindred talks honestly about the stuff of life, exercise, root canals, and other things.

A New Year's Prayer

Why not pray your way into the New Year?

Rubel Shelly shares a prayer for the New Year as we begin 2008.

Resolve to Follow Christ's Path

Are you ready to quit your New Year's resolution?

Whatever commitments you made for the new year I hope you're keeping them, but more importantly my hope and prayer is that you are holding on to the commitment to love Christ. are holding on to the commitment to love Christ.

New Wood

What will you do about a New Year?

We can continue to grow and mature and flourish if we choose to do so, even until we are quite old.

The Sound of Surprise

What does life sound like in your world?

Like a work of improvisational jazz, life is a journey from one new thing to another.

Prayer for the New Year

What are you praying for this year?

This is simply a prayer for us to use the New Year wisely and well.

Upside-Down Blessings

How in the world can something good come out of something so rotten?

How God turned a couple of horrible, traumatic experiences in the Ware family into something really good!

Right Direction and Losing Ground

Does it seem like you're losing ground but working harder than ever?

So often we get pre-occupied with being busy that we forget to check our direction and our progress

New Things

Don't give up on the New Year quite yet, God has new things in store!

Even though the holidays are over and gone, this can be a year God shows us new things!


Do you welcome each day with joy?

God gives us each day as a day of celebration and newness.

Resolved Today

Are you putting off those resolutions?

Maybe the most important New Year's resolution is to keep our resolutions.

Our Heavenly Father

Is God really your Father?

When we approach God in prayer, it needs to be more than by rote, but instead as if we were speaking to our Father.

Fresh and New

What will you do with this fresh and shining new year?

It's a bright and shining new year so let's do something with it to bless the Lord and his kingdom.

Do Not Be Afraid!

So what is there to fear on the eve a brand new year?

When you least expect it, don't be afraid, God is revealing a new plan for your life.

Time Passes

You're not getting older, you're getting closer!

Time is swiftly passing, but rather than trying to deny it, we should welcome and celebrate it because it brings us closer to our salvation.

Burden, Vision, and Passion

What are you living for this next year?

We must live our burden, passion, and vision if we are to honor God.

No Simple Changes

I bet you can't find any that are easy!

The New Year's resolutions that we committed to keep begin in earnest today and they won't be possible without the help of God because there are no simple changes.

The New Year and The Blood of The Lamb

Can we learn to center on what is most important?

At the start of a New Year, let's make a commitment to remember the meaning of the Lord's Supper and Jesus' sacrifice.

The Power to Change a Human Life

Can you look beyond your New Year's resolutions?

Real change, true transformation, will not occur in our lives until we relinquish control completely to the Lord and the power of his Spirit.

I've Not Been "This Way" Before

What does your calender for next year look like?

While we don't know where the New Year will take us, God will be leading the way and will equip us to face all that we will face both good and bad.

Did We Miss It Again?

Did we miss our chance to make a difference?

The start of the New Year offers us a new start to do it better.

Turn Out the Lights or Light the Fire?

What will you do with the dying of the year?

With the dying embers of a fire, we are reminded of two life choices: letting our passions, hopes, and dreams slip away or having them burst into flame and reigniting us for the New Year.