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The Inner Self

What are you doing for the inside?

We are so caught up in looking good and yet do so little to focus on what really makes us beautiful and fit!

Seven Ages of a Married Cold

So how do you treat your honey when she or he is ailin'?

The years in marriage can sometimes mean that we take each other for granted; we mustn't let that happen.

Lord of the Banquet

What makes a man truly great?

What can a husband do to bless his wife on Thanksgiving?

Compassion He Didn't Deserve

Why forgive someone for this kind of thing?

A lady forgives the incredible bad thing done to her by a teenager to give him another chance on life.

Ripples of Kindness

What kind thing have you done today?

Kindness is a trait of God that we need to have and to share.

Driving Lessons

Where can we learn the real truth about living in a conflict filled world?

Driver's Ed teaches us that we have to drive responsibly for everyone, not just ourselves!

I Messed Up Your Butter

Are you willing to admit your offenses?

When the world sees us, do we show that we are willing to admit our failures and seek to make things right?

Needed Notes of Grace

Have you heard this heavenly song lately?

Heaven's grace can be heard in the tune that is sung by God's people in worship, fellowship, and sacrifice.

Extreme Hospitality

Is your home and heart open to others?

We must open our homes to others!

The Day the Tree Went Crashing

When's the last time you held a neighbor's hand?

One of the kindness things we can do is simply hold a friends hand and listen to his or her pain and problems.

What's Her Name?

Do you know your janitor's name?

A story reminds us of how important it is to know people by their name and treat them with dignity.

No Good Deed Left Unpunished

Why can't we see the good in kindness?

Unwillingness to receive a gift is sad: mean-ness, unkindness, and rejection are even worse, whether the gift is cookies or a cross.

Do You Get the Point?

How much to help those who need someone in their lives?

The real point of life is being willing to be a friend those who need relationships.

Letters from My Sisters

Have you noticed how sweet your sister's voice is to your ears?

Women, sisters in Christ, are such a blessing for support, friendship, help and encouragement.

The White Envelope

Can we make more of Christmas than tinsel and gifts?

Christmas is about giving and not receiving, especially when we can give gifts that bless others and continue giving after we are gone.

My Christmas Present

What can we learn from a bad Christmas shopping experience?

Sometimes we get the service we suggest by the way we present ourselves to others.

Make Every Day Like Christmas

Why can't every day be like Christmas?

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we lived as each day were Christmas?

Morning Glory

Do you know some late bloomers?

Sometimes it takes some people many years to truly bloom, but we must be patient because when they do it is senstational!

You Must Remember the Forgotten

Will you remember those everyone else forgets?

True religion is more than just spouting off religious phrases and remaining isolated from worldly people -- it means to take the sin and worldliness out of people and take care of them.

The Landlord or the Minister's Wife

Which of the two are you most like?

We need to be those that serve and not like those who tell others to serve.

Delicate Surgery

Some things need to be separated!

We often need children to help us see again with the eyes of innocence and call us back to godly mercy and kindness.

Elbow Grease

Are you clean enough to leave a message?

God's people are best noticed when they leave a trail of kind deeds and acts of grace behind, cleaning up a dingy world gone bad.

The Least of These?

Who does Jesus value most?

We will be judged by how we cared for the least, the left out, and the lonely.

Baggage Claim

Did they make the flight or lose the opportunity?

A rush to the airport and nearly missing a flight turns into a blessing when someone's kindness saves the trip.

Our Heritage

What are we designed to do?

Humans have souls and live forever.