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In a Dream
Years ago, the arrival of the Penney's Christmas catalogue and the Sear's Christmas Book sent our kids scrambling for a pen. They would then ... (read more)

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Not Quite as We Have Told It
If we are honest, there simply are a lot of things that we get wrong about Jesus' birth. It's not that we don't care about the facts, we just seem to lose them in ... (read more)

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A Child Will Lead Them
When I first took a class on family and marital therapy in grad school, I could understand the argument, but thought it was overstated ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Why Shepherds?
Why was heaven's glory revealed to a bunch of nobodies in the middle of nowhere? While shepherds had once been held in high esteem among ... (read more)
The Gift of Influence: Teach to Obey
We're flying home on this Saturday after Thanksgiving with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. We've enjoyed a few special days with ... (read more)
Line in the Sand: Baptize!
Years ago, in the 1960's, my parents crammed their little boys in the car and we all went to the drive-in movie and saw The Alamo... (read more)
Beautiful Feet: Go!
How much did you spend on your feet this past year? Okay, I know that seems like a bit of an odd question, but humor me on this one. How much did you spend for ... (read more)
Last Words: First Priority
More than three decades have passed. It's hard to believe. The hospital where it happened, West Texas Medical Center, is no longer in ... (read more)
What Would You Say?
Two people you love are getting married. You are sitting there in the sanctuary as the preacher begins to address them and before they say their ... (read more)
Driven by Delight
Last week I wrote and also spoke on the subject of sexual intimacy. Thank you for your kind notes and messages. I have appreciated several tasteful touches ... (read more)
Holy Passion: Sacred Sexuality
Have you ever noticed how nervous church people get when someone talks about God and sex in the same sentence? We are not sure if we should mention ... (read more)
One Song
We are each given "One Tune" to sing with our life. God wants us to say to ourselves, "No one else can sing this tune quite like me!" A good friend ... (read more)
One Measure
You've probably seen the look before. I know I've seen the look before! There is a need in a church for someone to help in an important ... (read more)
Living for Just One!
What should I wear to worship God? How's that for asking a provocative question right from the start! Depending on who is asked, you can get ... (read more)
Unshakeable: 10 Years Revisited
That Tuesday morning was supposed to be special. I got up a little early and headed to the HEB parking lot in northern Pflugerville. I was waiting for ... (read more)
Just One: One Note
We have lived with this phrase so long that it is almost as universally accepted as the law of gravity. Yet when we first heard it as kids, we thought it... (read more)
One Tune!
Wow! What an exciting time of year. Back to school excitement (and dread) abounds! Why would I throw in that "dread" parenthesis? Simple. A whole bunch of ... (read more)
Let's DO It!
It's happened thousands of times this summer. A little kid sees a friend or older sibling jump off the high dive and wants to try it. So he or she ... (read more)
Come Away With Me
"Get away and get some rest!" You've heard people tell you that. I've heard people tell me that. But, I'm not a good "rester" or a good "get away" kind of ... (read more)
Down the Hill, Waiting for the Return
Have you ever wondered about the emotions at Jesus' ascension back to God at the end of his ministry? I know that's a strange question, but ... (read more)
If the Shoe Fits
Tonight, a bunch of tired people full of good food filed up three flights of stairs to trade right shoes with each other. Yep, you got it, a bit of a stinky ... (read more)
I Understand This
I don't get it. I admit it. I just don't understand! I don't understand why some folks who never should be parents can have five bazillion kids and some of the best parents in the world can't ... (read more)
The Lord's Day began early! Many of our group arrived at the hotel at 1:30 on Sunday morning — 23 plus hours after they had gotten out of ... (read more)
You've been "there," haven't you? You've accepted a job offer that requires a move that you believe is necessary, but you are not sure all that ... (read more)
Touchable Grace
Jesus out-touched his talk. He spent time physically being tender with these children in addition to talking about them. In doing so, Jesus showed us ... (read more)
My Father
Father. Few words can evoke such powerful emotions from all directions — joy, sorrow, anger, laughter, regret, longing, fear, security ... (read more)
Same Thing, Only Different
Have you ever caught yourself using religious language to justify something you've done? Listen to your reasons for things underneath your words and you may surprise yourself. I know I have... (read more)
The Hardest Lesson Lost
I recently learned that the song that received the most radio and TV play time in the twentieth century was the Righteous Brother's song, "You've Lost that ... (read more)
Wasted Time!
"Doesn't anybody have to pay for what they have done?" That's a reaction I've gotten from a few folks about the parable we call "The Prodigal Son." Of course ... (read more)
When these Ol' Walls Can't Speak
I've gone back a few times to look at the house where our kids did a lot of their growing up. However, I haven't gone by much lately, even though ... (read more)
Last Glimpse?
Part of me wishes I could have been alive and seen Jesus face-to-face in his earthly ministry. The idealistic part of me wonders what his miracles ... (read more)
From Son to Savior
Jesus' words had to sting Mary's heart. They would have caught her without warning. She had come once earlier with her sons to rescue Jesus from ... (read more)
Window to the Heart of God!
Jesus' sweetness to his mother in the horror of this moment holds us here just like Mary's love for her boy held her here so ... (read more)
Leaving an Imprint of a Mother's Faith
Children are like wet cement." Moms know this often used description is true. You can do some shaping and molding, but it's never easy and ... (read more)
After the Angel Leaves
Mary is astonished because there is one "little" problem: she is a virgin, from Galilee, pledged in marriage to a man named Joseph. Things like this ... (read more)
Why were their ears and hearts so dull? Why could they not hear ... where was their trust ... why couldn't they anticipate ... where was their ... (read more)
Let Jesus ...
I know that this dramatic shift in loyalties seems impossible. I know that we'd like to think that we would never do that — that in less than a week ... (read more)
15. Fifteen. XV. What's such a big deal about the number 15? Fifteen years ago today, we launched ... (read more)
Number 1
Nearly fifteen years ago, I wrote this short little article. To be honest, I thought Tiger Woods would have eclipsed ... (read more)
Each Has a Name
Spring is in the air where I live in West Texas. This is our pretty time of the year — grass turns green, flowers ... (read more)
On Sunday, January 8, 1995, five young men landed on a sand bar on a largely unknown river in Ecuador. They were trying ... (read more)
GIVE Generously?
The little girl smiled broadly and waved her little hand. Her adoptive father held her and talked about how she was a great blessing to their ... (read more)
Minister Selflessly
What he was doing was crazy — sheer lunacy and extremely dangerous. Coming at night to claim the dead body of someone executed as ... (read more)
SH!FT: PRAY_passionately
Terrified. Broken. Emasculated. Broken. "O Lord, don't let my family suffer because of my mistake!" The physical danger was real. The emotions were ... (read more)
SH!FT: READ_faithfully
Ed was a man's man — Green Beret, Military Intelligence, full bird Colonel, DCS Intelligence, Private Eye, and physically fit into his seventies. He weighed ... (read more)
SH!FT my Life: LIVE_holy
early all of us have some form of portable electronic device — a mobile phone, mp3 player, laptop computer, GPS, or iPad. These are wonderful ... (read more)
From Drift to Shift
Shocked! I was shocked that my parents would let me go, but I was glad they did. I was a college student sitting in ... (read more)
Tell Them How Much!
He lived in a place of unspeakable darkness and evil. Living among the tombs near the water, where he was isolated, abandoned, and alone ... (read more)
Are Attaways an Extinct Species?
Have you seen any "attaways" recently? I've heard they're a species near extinction? Some of us have given one ... (read more)

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