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The Place of Christmas
Back in the purer days of television, probably the 1960's, a beautifully gowned actress named Loretta Young... (read more)

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The Best Gifts
Long ago, the Beatles sang "money can't buy me love." If you hang out at the mall in December, it's easy to... (read more)

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Wiggling All Over
Your first thought upon reading the title probably was "what kind of creepy crawly thing is he writing about... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

The Value of a Thank You!
Imagine yourself holding a small package of note cards. They cost around three dollars for a package... (read more)
The Joy of Giving
A little boy I know, only eight years old, was tops in his class in sales for a school fund raiser. The prize was... (read more)
Old Warriors
I visited an old warrior the other day. He was in a psych ward at a VA Hospital. His life has been spent in one... (read more)
When Your Heart Hurts
This has been a couple of tough weeks for my family and me! First my father was rushed to the hospital in the middle... (read more)
Who's the Boss of You?
We went on a family outing with our adult children and grandson this past weekend. It was an enjoyable time... (read more)
They're Always Watching You!
You may have seen this item in the news recently: Jack Neal briefly became the proud owner of a pink convertible... (read more)
Cookie Sheet Welcome Mat?
The request appeared reasonable enough. Our involvement seemed pretty passive — small investment in our... (read more)
Hear My Prayer
This may describe you. As you read these words from the Psalmist, do you find yourself crying, "Hear my prayer... (read more)
The Gift of Now
We will celebrate my granddaughter's first birthday this month. I imagine both sets of grandparents, a few... (read more)
Mt. St. Kid
Complete and total meltdown. Tears streaming, body thrashing, words spewing. It wasn't pretty, but at least it... (read more)
Confessions of a Blackberry Picker
We returned recently from a week in San Diego. Laura, Josh, and I spent the week checking out some of the town's most famous tourist... (read more)
Rap or Not ... It's for the Lord
Did you know "Amazing Grace" can be sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Island" or "House of the Rising Sun?" Charles Wesley... (read more)
Scream Free Parenting
The greatest thing we can do for our kids is learn to focus on ourselves. That opening line is meant to come across... (read more)
Lightning Storm
On a spring night in Central Texas, a craving for a sweet indulgence drove the two of them to the local... (read more)
The End of One Chapter
We have arrived at the end of Jack's first chemotherapy protocol. (Jack is my seven-year-old son.) Carrying a cake... (read more)
What's Your Price?
When I was a boy, I grew tired of my bike. There wasn't anything wrong with it, I just wanted something better... (read more)
Hold to His Hand
Growing up is hard, isn't it! In fact there are still parts of it on which I am working. Much of growing... (read more)
Little Things, Done Faithfully
I've been married 15 years today — okay, it was on the day I first wrote this. I don't take any credit for that; it's probably due more to my... (read more)
Joy and Pain in the Family of God
Laura Van Ryn's family spent five weeks sitting by Laura's bedside after a car accident left their daughter... (read more)
39 Years ... Plus One
I don't know if it is true or not, but I have heard that the Chinese have a somewhat different way of... (read more)
I Love You and I'm Sorry
From 1962 to 1970, my family lived in Victoria, Texas. There is a wonderful church there, the Central Church... (read more)
The Ministry of Motherhood
I've seen her in every congregation where I have ever preached. She usually sits at the back of the auditorium... (read more)
What the Kids Pick Up
Ever wonder what kids pick up from the world of adults? If they are really paying attention? Do you ever... (read more)
Arriving Home
The living of life poses so many questions there just isn't enough time to reflect upon them all. Such as... (read more)
Parenting Twenty-somethings ... Still?
Aren't we through with our parenting duties by the time our kids are twenty-somethings? The truth is, we are still mom and dad... (read more)
What Song Will They Sing?
My wife and I were working in our home office and kitchen yesterday. I was at the computer and she was doing something in the... (read more)
Getting the Music Back
Well, it looked like nothing was going to go right that day. Our main concern was that the weather was conspiring against us. Weather reports had... (read more)

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