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Do You Know You Are Loved?
It has been my good fortune to know Dr. Everett Blanton and to be counted among his friends. Come to think of it, that doesn't make me all that ... (read more)

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Christmas Tranquility?
Scenes of gently falling snow. A self-assured man and serene woman looking at a sleeping infant. A baby so unique that — so the song tells us ... (read more)

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Your Work as Service to God
Attorneys, farmers, teachers, parents, street sweepers, police officers — all have a calling from God. Not just clergy, but all of us. So said ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Leading in Hope'

SBNR: Spiritual But Not Religious
Some people have dismissed it as a "trendy phrase," but I take it very seriously. The notion that people can be authentically spiritual without ... (read more)
The Curse of Life without Pain
Because pain is what it is, we go to great lengths to avoid it. I should have been smart enough to put on kneepads two weeks ago ... (read more)
Praying for the Dawn
You probably get discouraged about events in the news too. Terrorism. Family violence. Unemployment. Some of the scary news may even ... (read more)
Rescue in Process: Hold On!
Thirty-three Chilean miners are telling an unlikely story. After being trapped half a mile underground for 69 wretched days, they were brought to ... (read more)
We Want Ike!
Ike Ditzenberger had watched his big brothers play football. He grew up idolizing and imitating them. Ike wanted to play football too. And he even dared ... (read more)
Don't Get Sidetracked!
It is so easy to confuse issues and get sidetracked. Take the situation with Tyler Clementi as a case in point. Tyler was the student at Rutgers University who committed suicide ... (read more)
Hardly a Hero
Steven Slater had his 15 minutes of fame last month — some 17 to 20 more than he was due! The problem in that awkward opening sentence isn't ... (read more)
Daring to Take Risks!
The first time anything new and creative is proposed, it gets labeled. And the label put on these novel things is likely to be "risky." Can't you just ... (read more)
Design with No Designer?
A generation or so ago, our universe was thought by many scientists to be a closed system that had neither beginning nor end. The existence of the cosmos ... (read more)
On the assumption now that you have named three specific things that would make your life better, let me pose one more question: Can you ... (read more)
Childish or Childlike?
One of the great serendipity's of grandparenthood is meandering conversations with grandkids. During these timeless talks I am quickly reminded that ... (read more)
The 'No' That Is 'Yes'
"I'm not going to live in this sort of hell anymore!" he told me. The hell he had in mind wasn't the jail cell ... (read more)
Look Alikes that Aren't Alike
Newspapers across the country took a break from the sad and depressing news recently to report an incident that surely ... (read more)
Christians Behaving Badly
The Christian faith can hold its own in the public arena of intellectual discussion. It is grounded in history and defensible ... (read more)
The One No One Ever Had
You've heard endless tales of "the one that got away." The baseline stories of this genre are about fish. But, there ... (read more)
Could Anything Else Be More Bizarre?
Once in a while something happens that is so far beyond the norm that there is nothing to do but drop your jaw. Well ... (read more)
Through God's Eyes
Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote the wistful line about God giving us humans the power to see ourselves as others ... (read more)
The Main Ingredient in Stardom
John Wooden (1910-2010) built an incredible college basketball dynasty at UCLA in the 1960's and 1970's. True ... (read more)
Wishes Are Not Plans
When I was a little boy, I remember someone illustrating the difference between immaturity and maturity this ... (read more)
Doesn't God Love Us Anymore?
A friend sent me an article last week about explaining tragedies to children. As framed in the piece he ... (read more)
You Didn't Learn This in Sunday School
I liked the part of letting people ask questions about my hope; it relieved me of guilt. I had it figured ... (read more)
An Anniversary with a Message
Are you old enough to remember the "New Coke" fiasco? It was 25 years ago, April of 1985, that arguably the most ... (read more)
The Big Deal that Shouldn't Have Been a Big Deal
The "big deal" in this case has nothing to do with Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, health care, or government ... (read more)
Prayer for Such a Time as This
Times are perilous. They have been ever since the first humans chose to rebel against God. With all the tension in ... (read more)
The Awful Shame of Shame
Guilt is a good thing. If I tell a lie, take something that isn't mine, or treat someone unfairly, I may ... (read more)
Your Right to Hang Up!
The story is that Satan accepted an invitation to be interviewed on "The Larry King Show." When Larry asked his ... (read more)
Trust the Miracle
The question is: Do you know how to trust? Do you trust your spouse not to cheat on you regardless of ... (read more)
Sharing Someone's Load
I found a note yesterday that I wrote myself almost six years ago now. I remember where I was and what I was doing when ... (read more)
Rejections and Reactions
Rejection takes many forms. You didn't make the team. The college you want to attend turns you down. The woman ... (read more)
In Praise of Shiphrah and Puah
Fatalism holds that what will be, will be. Or, as immortalized in the signature song of actress-singer Doris Day ... (read more)
Short-term or Long-term?
My shoulders and back were sore, partly from shoveling snow in the driveway. My wife walked by. I asked ... (read more)
It's All the Rage
It appears to be all the rage these days. Rage, that is. It comes in countless varieties — road rage, grocery store... (read more)
The Lady Who Can't Forget
I don't have the best memory. My wife, of course, says playfully that I — like all husbands she has heard about ... (read more)
Why Doesn't Hollywood Get It?
Many of us express some degree of amazement (if not concern) over what passes for entertainment in this culture... (read more)
Remember Who You Are
The key to wisdom is locked up in your memory. This living wisdom, not your achievements or net worth, becomes ... (read more)
The Heart of Successful Leadership
I visited with a friend over dinner the other night. He is an attorney. A really good one. He works for a ... (read more)
Why Are They Not Coming?
I have a lot of friends — 2813 so far. Isn't that great?! Not really. I don't even know many of them. Maybe, I should ... (read more)
Act of God
No, I don't think there is an un-godly conspiracy among lawyers and in the insurance industry. But, I do think it... (read more)
The Intolerance of It All
To hear most people tell it these days, the ultimate virtue is tolerance. So we are instructed to criticize nothing... (read more)
A Broader View of the Sacred
For too long now, we have lived with the idea that life is divided into spheres of sacred and secular, religious ...... (read more)
New Year - New Options
I like the notion of "fresh starts" and "second chances." How about you? Did your fall semester in college or ... (read more)

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