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Our Legacy
Children are gifts from God. God has entrusted us with something precious to him — an eternal someone... (read more)

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It Never Left
"How'd ya like that movie, Shane?" I asked my sleepy little guy as we walked towards our car.... (read more)
Trailing Me
We had about an hour before the sun went down. That was just enough time for Shane and I to meet up with... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

Making a Friend
My sister and I attended a country school, and as often happens with children, two of our friends got mad at us... (read more)
Lady and Champ
Our first house was haven of glorious, mature, maple trees. We were just outside of Nashville, but when you drove down our... (read more)
Christ and Christophers
"Do you wanna go to the playground?" "Yea-a-a-a-h" It began as his stock answer to my questions, but with his two-year-old... (read more)
Memorable Memorial
Have you ever felt you were invisible? Perhaps you have sometimes felt you were so insignificant nobody knew you even... (read more)
The Landlord or the Minister's Wife
Yesterday I heard a joke. It seems a man approached a kind minister's wife, known for her tender heart and benevolent... (read more)
Ahead of My Time
After the last button was fastened on my cardigan, I grabbed my perfume bottle for a hurried mist, and while glancing at the... (read more)
Have It His Way!
"What can I get for you this morning, darlin'?" She asked in her sweet southern drawl over the intercom. "I'll have an... (read more)
"We'll see you here at 6:15." I heard my husband say before he hung up the phone. We had traveled back from a business trip... (read more)
Said the Spider to the Fly
There is so much difference between a walk early in the morning and a walk at dusk. There is a quality to the air... (read more)
Leap of Faith
"Look around and decide what you want to have, because I'm only taking a few things with me wherever I go," my... (read more)
Night Night Moon
Each item on my "to do" list for the following day had its own number and time frame in which to do it.... (read more)
Now That's the Ticket
"Test me on this..." God says. Go ahead and tithe and then just sit back and watch as God... (read more)
A Little Faith
"l just feel kind of depressed today. I don't really know why?" My husband remarked as we... (read more)
What a Week
Eighty-eight degrees today! What a day for the air to go out on my Jeep. It would be several days before... (read more)
Safe With Dad
Winding down a sun-drenched afternoon of boating, we tied up at the marina for dinner on the pier. As we... (read more)
The Difference That Ella Made
How do people bring about needed change? My answer is often a cynical stepping back in frustration, I must... (read more)
Rescued from the Refuse Heap
Elkanah and Hannah were a well-matched couple — a successful man and his intelligent, spiritually-minded... (read more)
In Tandem with Jesus
"Would you be interested in reading my story, about how I went from a circus trapeze artist to a... (read more)
Stirring Up Emotions
"I'll be praying for you." I told my neighbor. As the words rolled out of my mouth, they felt hollow. She had just shared with us that her... (read more)
Learning to Pray
Prayer is an art or a skill. It has to be learned and practiced. It has to be honed and... (read more)
Say a Prayer for Me
"Are you all from America?" asked the passerby. I sheepishly looked around for ...... (read more)
Wonder Working Power
Most of the time we associate the word "power" with authority, great and noble... (read more)
Miracle Ear
Ned lost his hearing aid. This gentle 94-year-old man had only had it... (read more)
Have You Caught This Aroma?
In February our thoughts turn to love as Valentine's Day approaches! Can't you smell the... (read more)
The most unpleasant word had now become part of the sweetest sentence... (read more)
Squeaky Clean
Do you remember our infallible rule for cleanliness when we washed our hair? It had to squeak.... (read more)

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