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Lord, Change Us — Change Me!

Has God really grabbed your heart enough to change your life?

Tom prays to God that all that he has seen, heard, experienced, and known in worship will change his heart and move him to be the person God wants him to be.

Prayer for the New Year

What are you praying for this year?

This is simply a prayer for us to use the New Year wisely and well.

How Do You Grasp this Mystery?

Jesus longs to be born again into our world in me?

Jesus wasn't just born into our world in the womb of Mary, but he longs to be born into our world again in each individual Christian the Holy Spirit gives birth to in the world.

Clay or Collectible

Can we ever be more than a lump of clay or a collection of dust?

Article on the transformation God can do in our lives changing us from a lump of clay into an object of beauty and usefulness.

The Greatest Miracle of All

What is the greatest blessing that we have in Christ?

While there are many miracles in the Bible, the greatest miracle of all is a changed life!

Class of 1966

Wow, where did all these old people come from?

God doesn't change, but we go to reunions and find out we are changing, getting old, just like everyone else.

Growth and Change

Are you ready to grow and be changed?

Change comes from following the principles in the good ol' Bible given to us by God!

Change is Constant

Do you really want things to quit changing?

Change is inevitable and we should appreciate many of the changes, but we need to trust in God who does not change.

More than Change

Surely you want to do something a little deeper than just another coat of pain?

External changes won't cut it, we need real spiritual transformation which comes from the Spirit of God.

It's a Process

Don't give up on the changes that need to occur!

Transformation, sanctification takes time in the real world of our lives, but God won't give up on us.

Change and Growth

What motivates us to change and growth?

If we are going to change and grow, we're going to have to know what motivates that kind of change: affection, acceptance, and self-respect.

Exercising the Spirit

What have you done to grow your soul lately?

While we focus on physical exercise at the beginning of the year, why not also focus on spiritual exercise, too?

Fresh and New

What will you do with this fresh and shining new year?

It's a bright and shining new year so let's do something with it to bless the Lord and his kingdom.

No Simple Changes

I bet you can't find any that are easy!

The New Year's resolutions that we committed to keep begin in earnest today and they won't be possible without the help of God because there are no simple changes.

Please Arrest Me!

When's the last time you turned yourself in?

If we will honestly ask for God to change us and help us, he will step and do so because he knows our struggles and longs to give us mercy.

Pickles and Mustard?

What kind of spiritual food are you eating?

While pigging out on junk food may be bad, spiritual fast food and junk is worse!

New Bodies and Close Calls

What will your new body look like?

God will make us new and give us knew bodies when Christ comes again.

Life Transformation in Less Than an Hour

Can it really happen in less than an hour?

One hour life transformation may be promised by an ad, but Jesus working through the Holy Spirit can make it happen!

The Destruction Behind Remodeling

Could God be behind the destruction in your life?

Sometimes things have to be destroyed, pealed away, torn apart, and ripped out before they can be rebuilt by God.

The Power to Change a Human Life

Can you look beyond your New Year's resolutions?

Real change, true transformation, will not occur in our lives until we relinquish control completely to the Lord and the power of his Spirit.

Our True Citizenship

We're only strangers here; our homeland is heaven!

Our citizenship is in heaven, so let's live like heaven is our home!

Who Influences Whom?

So who really made Bill Clinton President?

Who has the greatest influence, you on the world or the world on you?