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Getting Out of Trouble

How in the world are you going to get out of this mess?

Paul Faulkner reminds us that temptation is something that gets worse when we give into it, especially lying, and yet God promises to help us find a way out of the mess.

Resistance Is NOT Futile!

Have you given resisting a try lately?

Patrick Odum reminds us that overcoming temptation requires us to resist the devil, but he also adds some other insights from James' famous passage about overcoming temptation by being honest about oursleves and our need for God.

The Jesus Vibe: Crouching at the Door

How do you face down our enemy?

Phil Ware shares his continuing series on the Jesus vibe and focuses on how Jesus won the war over sin and temptation.

Fudging and Compromise

How far are you going to let things slide?

Mike Barres reminds us that taking moral shortcuts and fudging on things spiritually always end up in disaster and sin.

Let's Not Be Deceived!

Have you been trusting in the wrong things?

It is so easy to be deceived by the evil one, but the Scriptures can help us like they helped Jesus overcome temptation.

A Lion in the Kitchen

What would you do to find this beast in your kitchen?

The Devil is a lion and we let him into our kitchens, our homes, by treating temptation as a little kitten rather than a roaring lion wanting to devour us.

Tough Times Toughen

Wow, tough times can be hard, but is there a payoff to them?

Tough times, even when they are filled with temptation can help us grow and better appreciate good times when they come.

Run the Race

Are you running to win the victory?

Sin entangles and causes us to stumble and fall rather than running victoriously, whether the sin is our own or the sin of others against us.

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Who are you blaming for your messes?

We've got to be honest about our weakness and inconsistency and quit trying to blame everything on someone or something else, including satan or the devil.

Sunk by Our Own Desires

What are you chasing that is destructive to you?

A self-destructive meal at a mud hole reminds us of how our own desires can blind us to the dangers of our own greed and lust for power.

Germs of the Spirit

Have you really thrown them away or just tried to clean them up?

We need to not only be sorry for our sin, but we also need to get rid of the things in our lives that lead us to sin.


What do you have growing in your path?

We need to keep our thought life free of weeds.

Misleading Advertising

Sin is very misleading

Sin is deceptive and offers shortcuts that ultimately enslave.

A Better Offer

What's tempting you right now?

Satan offers us many shortcuts and temptations, but only God has a really better offer.

Developing Trust

Where do you think you'll find real trust?

Trial, temptation, trouble, and testing are in the same neighborhood with trust: we're not going to get the one we want without experiencing the ones we dont!

A Lizard's Tail?

What's so important about an ol' dead lizard's tail?

We face temptation to sin, but sin is an old, dying, worthless lizard's tail.

Weighed Down

What are you trying to carry around with you that is hindering you?

Most of us are trying to carry around things that don't matter very much and they are weighing us down from doing what God wants!

Hard Winter Chill

Are you ready for the hard chill that's coming?

We can survive times of trouble, trials, and temptation if we prepare.

Please Arrest Me!

When's the last time you turned yourself in?

If we will honestly ask for God to change us and help us, he will step and do so because he knows our struggles and longs to give us mercy.

Said the Spider to the Fly

Have you been trapped lately?

Satan loves to trap us when we wander away from God's people.

Class Now in Session

Are you willing to join Jesus in the Garden?

Jesus faced the fight we all face in the garden of gethsemane so we should be willing to fight that same fight and not give up!

Obsessed to Death

Can obsession claim you body and soul?

We can get so caught up in wanting more that we kill ourselves.

Motel 6

Is she offering more than just conversation over a cup of coffee?

Can a man be expected to resist when things are so easy?

In An Anonymous Hotel Room

Do you have the strength to stand?

The power of an anonymous motel room doesn't have to claim our purity or cause us to cave into sin.

Refuse to Be Slicked

Have you been slicked lately by the ads?

Just like the fast food ads decieve us by making their product look too good to be true, so also satan deceives and tempts us.