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The Way

Are you just circling?

Patrick Odum describes a man in a boat near England that had no plan and was just circling, he needed help and a way to get where he was going.

Wishes Are Not Plans

Can we ever move beyond the failure to act on good intentions?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that wishes aren't plans and we have to begin on the road to growth or it never happens.

No Regrets

It's not too late to start today!

Mike Barres reminds us that it is never too late to begin pursuing God's dreams and plans and purposes for us.

C2K - Sending Church

Why is it so hard to let go of our best and brightest, yet at the same it is so good to do so?

Phil Ware shares the principle in his Church to Kingdom series on being a sending church.

The Things You Planned for Us!

What's the plan?

Tom Norvell tries to get us to think in terms of what the Lord has planned for us.

Step into the Water

Isn't it time to get off the bank and step into the water?

Russ Lawson uses the Israelite's crossing of the Jordan River at flood stage to be a reminder that God is waiting for us to step out in faith so he can act in our lives.

God Has a Plan for Us

Where do you fit into God's plan?

Tom Norvell writes about God's plan for us from Ephesians 1 and reminds us that we are chosen and God has something special for us to do!

The Ally of God's Grace

When's the last time you heard a call for real life change?

Bill Denton reminds us that we are not only saved from something but for something, and we need to display that salvation through repentance and life that is changed into what God made us to be.

Winter Gardening

What kind of spiritual work is going on in the quiet work of your life?

Lisa Mikitarian shares with us about seeing the evergreen when the weeding is done in winter and reminds us of the constant, ever-present and everlasting God who loves us.

Air Traffic Controller

How will we make it through?

Tom Norvell talks about an air traffic controller landing a plane and how his dad was a blessing.

Room at the Manger

Have you seen His star?

Patrick Odum reflects on a Matthews who is a scientist who determined the star when Jesus was born and reminds us that it is not the star, but the one to whom it pointed, that is important.

Learning from Trees


Alan Smith reminds us of some important lessons that we can learn from trees.

Dare to Dream

Do you dare dream for the road ahead?

Tom Norvell shares about moving into a new home and his dreams for the future.

The Coriolis Effect on the Heart

How far have you been deflected away from your goals and dreams?

Lisa Mikitarian examines how we often get driven off course in life and how we are going to do something about it.

Very Good!

Can't God do any better work than human beings?

Patrick D. Odum uses the Vatican's ruling on UFOs as a chance to remind us that we are made in God's image, and are very good.

From the Window Seat

What can you see from where you are sitting?

Tom takes a ride on an airliner and from the window seat remembers how important it is to look at things from another perspective, God's perspective.

Final Destinations

How do you deal with such losses?

The plane crash in Lexington, Kentucky brought out all sorts of emotions in the hearts of people and reminds us how death touches us all and our need for the promises of Jesus.

When All Your Plans Come Crashing Down

Is this any way to propose marriage?

When a proposal goes bad because of a plane crash, does the groom still get his request answered?


Does it really matter all that much what we intend to do?

God is really the only one whose intentions really matter, what I intend to do does hold that much weight.

Do Not Be Afraid!

So what is there to fear on the eve a brand new year?

When you least expect it, don't be afraid, God is revealing a new plan for your life.


What is your destiny?

God has a plan for each of us, a destiny, to use us for his glory.

Planning Ahead

Are you making your plans or trying to live God's plan?

So often we make all these elaborate plans and never think of allowing God room in our busy schedules.

Ouch! You're Stepping on My Toes

Does God ever use Scripture to step on your toes?

We make all these plans and get upset when they don't unfurl like we want, but God often has other plans!

A New Heart

Do you want a new heart?

A heart transplant reminds us that we need God's heart transplant spiritually.

Want to Plant a Church?

Interested in church planting?

Four diferent approaches to church planting.