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Removing the Evidence

Have you hidden the evidence or are you open with God?

Hiding sin doesn't help anyone so let's come clean before God.

Who is Flying the Plane?

Who is your pilot?

If anyone controls our life but Jesus, then our life is headed for disaster.

Losing What You Started With

Have we lost signt of what we really intended to do?

So often we end up forgetting why we started something and do away with it just to keep up all the commotion.

I've Not Been "This Way" Before

What does your calender for next year look like?

While we don't know where the New Year will take us, God will be leading the way and will equip us to face all that we will face both good and bad.

Did We Miss It Again?

Did we miss our chance to make a difference?

The start of the New Year offers us a new start to do it better.

Delays of Grace

What good can we find in a major delay?

Often the delays in our plans are really God being gracious and giving us what we need and not what we want or plan.

What's in a Name?

What name do you go by?

God has given us a new name and a new identity to go with his purposes; let's not let the world stick us with any of our old names.