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The Blessing of Raising Teens?

Parenting teens is one of the best, hardest, most growing things I've ever done.

Melissa Troyer is back living in her crazy world with grace and reminding us that raising teenagers can be embraced as a grace from God despite being hard if it calls us to look at our brokenness and weak place.

We Were Made for This!

There are a million little moments that really matter, and you DO have what it takes to give.

Melissa Troyer shares her heart about the strength, faith, and love that it takes to get through hard things and hard times together.

Starting Over Having Learned Lessons from the Past

We AREN'T enough, but He is. It is the goodness of the Lord that brings us nose-to-nose with our desperate need for Him.

Melissa Troyer combines her journey through motherhood, her realization of inadequacy, her belief in God's sufficiency, and the willingness to teach using our own failures.

Thanks Mom!

What can we say but,

Mom, our mothers, pay a high price for loving us and bringing us to Jesus.

Secure Identity

What makes your identity secure

We don't find our identity in our roles or our status. Our identity is found in Jesus Christ.

Respect Your Mother!

How can we preserve the faith of future generations?

Phil Ware goes over the final principle of the seven principles taught to him by his dad, called Daddy Al, and he shares them with his children to leave a lasting legacy of faith.

To Know This Love That Surpasses Knowledge

What can top a mother's honor?

BooMama shares her insight into the privilege of raising a son, a child, that God has given her to train in His ways.


Have you worn your cousin's best?

Mary Anne Brannon shares memories of her childhood and the hand-me-downs and hand sewn clothes from her mother that were all made with love.

Rain Reminds Me of My Mother

Do you remember anyone when it rains?

Rain leaves this grown daughter to think about her mother and all that her mother means to her.

I Love You and I'm Sorry

What will you tell your mother today?

Rain leaves this grown daughter to think about her mother and all that her mother means to her.

The Ministry of Motherhood

What greater need when it is lacking and what greater blessing when present?

Faith is not heriditary, it is learned and nurtured, often my loving momthers who take motherhood seriously.

Mother's Love

Do you really understand how important a mother's love truly is?

A mother's love and touch are crucial to babies in those earliest days of life.

The Art of Listening

What is the most important thing you listen to each day?

One a mom's greatest responsibilities is to listen to her family, her children, and her God.

Night Night Moon

When do you forget the schedule and live in the moment?

While we need schedules, our children must take precedence over our schedule.

Providing Memories of Home for Our Children

What memories are you leaving for your children and grandchildren?

We can record our children's memories when they are little and then they will have them when they are older.

Our Small Town Parade

Will it all end in a parade?

A small town parade and a funeral stir up memories of the past and hope for the future.


Are you making the most of your moments?

During the holidays, we really miss loved ones lost to death, but we should let that be a reminder to seize each moment and fill it with love and joy.