A child snapped this picture last night after he pulled me into the field and held me tight.

Yes, he pried a child off my leg and the purse off my shoulder, then sent them inside so we could have this embrace...

Just the two of us!

There are plenty of moments we share with the kids. But this was ours.

He's so good at capturing moments.

Evening skies always call us,
And wide open fields beg to be enjoyed.

We hate being apart.

These two years of school come at a high price, but it's one we are willing to pay. I drove the kids to Texas and back this last weekend without Daniel — thirty-eight hours is a lot, no matter how well you slice it.

"Don't ever leave me again!" He whispered into my ear as he nearly squeezed me to death, half teasing and entirely serious once I got back to his warm embrace.

HE finagled his school schedule to come home midweek, to be here when we got home. Because...

We are crazy over each other.
We both know.
We know we can do hard things.
Together or apart.

I don't think I could ever pull the school demands he's juggling so well right now. And I never thought I could solo parent five children five days a week for two years. But here we are, halfway done, and we are making it.

One thing I've discovered:

Love enables you to do hard things.
Love puts grit in your back pocket.
Love bears all things.

Even when it's salty hard, and you want to run to the easy way out, love holds your hand steady.

Today in the moments that pull hard and make the dreams far off look taunting, choose to be gentle.

Allow yourself the moments to admit how hard they are, look into the mirror and fully acknowledge it.

There are kids to love and laundry to be folded with hands that genuinely care.
But don't stay there. Turn away from that mirror and flip the bathroom light off.

There are kids to love and laundry to be folded with hands that genuinely care.

A million little moments matter, and you DO have what it takes to give in the face of hard things. The joy of knowing you are made for this rides right alongside the grit in your back pocket.

Remember the why.
Celebrate that you have people that need you.
Rejoice that God is carving character deep into your heart that easy seasons couldn't provide.

You can do hard things.

And do them well.

Because God is here.