We hear a lot about identity theft and the various ways you can make your identity more secure. For years, some women have been struggling with feelings of lost identity when they become mothers.

Our culture/society often sends mixed messages both to the working moms and to those who choose to stay home. Because of the way some may perceive the stay-at-home mom, she can feel devalued by not pursuing a career in the corporate world or unappreciated by the largely invisible work of nurturing that isn't rewarded by a paycheck. On the other hand, those who choose to pursue a career, or must work because of finances, must deal with guilt feelings because they are not available for their children at all times. Satan takes every opportunity to steal our confidence, and in the process robs us of our identity.

The entire identity of a woman is not all about being a mother, but more about being daughters of our Father in Heaven. When we realize that motherhood and nurturing is a great calling of women and understand who we are in relation to Christ, we will have a new kind of identity and a greater self-esteem. Jacqueline Kennedy once made the statement, "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much."

Those who have children know very well that we are often referred to as "so-n-so's" mom, which lends to making us feel that we have lost our identity. However, those who are children of the King have a secure "identity." The most important identity is not how the world views mothers, but how God views them. The Word of God says that because of Jesus Christ our identity is secure. We must rely on God for our true worth, value and identity.

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