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ToGather: Proof of My Identity (August 15, 2021)

God has provided each of us the ultimate proof of our identity: the Holy Spirit living inside of us!

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in a virtual, DIY, worship through words and music using YouTube videos to reassure us of our victory through Christ because of the Holy Spirit's presence within us as God's children.

Who Do You Say I Am?

At a place with great spiritual and physical significance, Jesus challenged his followers to decide about his identity.

James Nored and Phil Ware challenge us to answer the same question Jesus asked his first followers at Caesarea Philippi: 'Who do you say I am?'

You Be You!

Don't try to be someone else, God made you to be you for his purposes.

Max Lucado reminds us that God didn't call us to be anyone else, but calls us to be the person whom he made for his purposes.

You Have To Decide Who Jesus Is

It does not matter what everyone else thinks about Jesus. Who do you believe he is?

Even when Jesus was here, people discussed who he really was. They still do. You have to decide who he is. What you decide will make all the difference.

Where Are You Going?

Life's better when you know where you're going

Knowing who we are and where we are going frees us to do anything that needs doing.

Secure Identity

What makes your identity secure

We don't find our identity in our roles or our status. Our identity is found in Jesus Christ.

Which Way Does Your Name Tag Face?

Christianity is not a secret commitment.

Christianity is a public commitment. It must not be hidden.

Who Are You?

Have you lost your identity?

Phil Ware challenges us to look at our identity built around the question of "Who are you?" and the answer framed by the work of Jesus.

Do You See What I See?

Now that Christmas is over, can you see Jesus?

Mike Barres talks about a plaque in his office that spells out Jesus, but many folks don't see the name, just like most folks besides Anna and Simeon didn't see Jesus for who he truly was; but will we see him?

The Art of Kindergarten Identity

How special are you and why?

What will it take for us to realize our great value to God simply because he wants us to love him and be with him?

Do You Know Who I Am?

Would you know if someone didn't tell you?

We are God's children and that sense of identity should be crucial in our lives.

Have You Caught This Aroma?

What do you smell like?

God wants people to smell the aroma of Christ when they are around us!

Do The Right Thing?

Does peer pressure have you doing the wrong thing?

Don't let peer pressure make you do what is wrong; just do the right thing.

Identity Theft?

Don't let Satan rob you of your identity in the Lord.

We are God's children; let's not let anything steal away our identity!

What's in a Name?

What name do you go by?

God has given us a new name and a new identity to go with his purposes; let's not let the world stick us with any of our old names.