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Let it Begin with Me!

What are we to do with such great human need and such great risk?

Phillip Morrison is back as our conscience asking us about how we sort through the refugee crisis in Syria and what are we going to do about it.

Remember Their Sacrifices!


Phil Ware and the and and ask you to please see what you can do!

He Saved My Life

Who bailed you out?

Ron Rose reflects on the movie "The Bucket List" and a man who gave his life for his friend in Iraq and challenges us to thank our friends like that and to be a friend like that.

The Freedom of Fellowship

How important is fellowship to you?

Fellowship is so crucial and even more so in places that are hostile to faith: we must take advantage of our freedom to have fellowship.

Living Up to the Price?

Are we living up to the price paid to purchase our freedom?

Is the high cost of freedom worth the price? Am I living up to the price paid for my freedom?

Tribute to a Fallen Hero

Some people won't take the easy way!

Story of Pat Tillman losing his life and living life in his own unique way.

Where Does it All Come From?

Where does the strength for a crisis come from?

Strength for trials -- heroic and righteous behaviors -- don't just spring up, but are built into the fabric of our everyday lives through faithfulness in small things.

Always Respectful

Can being respectful really save lives?

Marines in Iraq are learning to win people over by showing respect and courtesy rather than using their guns.