The Bucket List is a dialogue-intensive movie about two dying men on a three-month adventure, a journey that transforms a bully into a buddy. The two old men — pompous, arrogant, corporate billionaire Edward Cole and pensive, philosophical, car mechanic Carter Chambers — are almost unbearably different. The only thing they have in common is their terminal illnesses.

While sharing a hospital room, they begin making a list of all the things they'd like to do before they kick the bucket ... It's their bucket list ... what began as a topic of conversation, became a timely to do list. When they were released to die, they took off, determined to complete as many items on the list as time permitted.

In the end, not everything was completed, but Ed and Carter had become best friends.

This is not one of those sentimental, heartrending relationship movies; these guys didn't have touchy-feely moments. But, during the Bucket List journey, both men found a missing part of their lives ... they didn't find it in some far off land; they found it in the treasure-trove of real unsuspicious, in-your-face, say anything, friendship.

Near the end of the movie Cole eulogies Carter ... "I loved him. And I miss him. Carter and I saw the world together. Which is amazing ... When you think that only three months ago, we were complete strangers! I hope that it doesn't sound selfish of me but ... the last months of his life were the best months of mine. He saved my life ... And he knew it before I did."

Just a movie ... right?


Lance Corporal Ryan McCurdy died in Iraq in 2006; but before he took his fatal hit, he saved his buddy's life. Corporal Trotter and Ryan were in charge of guarding the C-Mac complex. A large group of insurgents came upon their group of guards and started firing at them.

Shortly after the firefight began, Trotter got shot in the neck in the carotid artery, Trotter recalled. "I couldn't talk. I just laid there in the street praying for my wife and unborn baby. I knew I was a goner."

Trotter continued, "Then out of nowhere, Ryan ran out, grabbed my legs and pulled me to safety." Within minutes Ryan took the hit that killed him.

It has taken months and several surgeries for Corporal Trotter to fully recover from his gunshot wound. His wife, Stephanie had their baby boy on March 25th, 2006 and they named him, Christian Ryan.

Do you want a buddy like that?
Once stateside, Trotter called Ryan's parents to tell them how their son saved his life. Toward the end of the call he said, "I still cry at night thinking about how Ryan lost his life saving mine."

Ryan's Mom responded, "Our son always cared deeply for his friends. That's the kind of thing Ryan would do for a friend without hesitation. He knew you had a wife and baby to raise. I know he wanted you to be able to do that, without giving his life a second thought."


Regardless of how much we plan and protect there are times in life when each of us needs a buddy, a close friend who will step in and save us. Sometimes the buddy saves us from our enemies and sometimes the buddy saves us from ourselves. But real friends save lives!

Do you have a buddy that's saved you?

Do you want a buddy like that?

Be one!

Forward this Note to your life saving friends. Tell them how it happened.