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Longing for Friendship

Are you willing to take the risk?

We all need a friend or brother or sister with whom we can confess, share our story, and find deep and meaningful friendship.

The Little Things

What is too small to trust God with?

Leah talks about struggling with a mess at her new home and shares how prayer and God's help pulled her through!

A Visit Over Coffee

Who was she really talking with?

A woman talking to herself reminds us our need to engage in conversation in meaningful ways with others.

Right Now!

Why do we put it off and then forget?

Mike learns to not put off prayer, but when someone has a need, he says, "Let's pray right now!"

Exercising the Spirit: Hospitality

When was the last time you entertained angels?

Hospitality is the Christian virtue of entertaining strangers, outsiders, and guests and recognizing in them angels or even the presence of God in the Trinity.

Ministering to Our Friends

How do we make life among our friends more enjoyable?

Friends can help friends if they love them and minister to them.

Expanding Your Circle of Friends

How big is your circle?

We all need more friends, but the way to have them is to invest the time and offer others our friendship

Where to Find the Help of a Friend?

Do you have any idea how many there actually are?

With so many lonely people out there, how are we going to be like Jesus and God and minister to their loneliness and isolation?

Expanding Your Circle of Friends

Are you connected an expanding circle of friends?

We all need friends, but in America, people have fewer and few friends, but the best way to have friends is to be a friend.

Romantic Love

What can help me overcome the boredom in my relationships?

Romantic love will fail if it is not built on friendship.

Unremembered Friends

What if we actually treated everyone we meet as if they were friends?

What if we greeted everyone as if they were a long lost friend who we were glad to see?


How can they know your love if you don't share yourself?

Without transparency we cannot fully share our love or be loved by another.

Caught in the Storm

What are you going to do in the storm?

Many tough things happen in life, are we ready for the storm or to help others caught in the storm?

Tamale Pie

Who do you remember at your potluck dinners?

Potluck dinners are more about the fellowship than the food.

Thank You Once Again

When is enough, enough?

Some folks we simply cannot thank enough!

Seeing the Face of Jesus

Have you seen the Lord lately?

When Christians gather together for worship and fellowship, it is a holy moment.

The Day the Tree Went Crashing

When's the last time you held a neighbor's hand?

One of the kindness things we can do is simply hold a friends hand and listen to his or her pain and problems.

A Story of Friendship

What would you do to help a friend?

The best friends bring their friends to Jesus to be blessed and helped.

Do You Get the Point?

How much to help those who need someone in their lives?

The real point of life is being willing to be a friend those who need relationships.

When Love Takes You In

When's the last time you welcomed someone in?

We have been brought into the circle of God's grace and we must graciously bring others in as well.

There are Trees and There are Trees

What's the difference between loquats and apricots?

Different kinds of trees fulfill different needs, just like we need different kinds of friends.

Stirring Up Emotions

Can there be more than recipes in those cookbooks?

Our offers of love and friendship enrich us and bless others.

Faithful Friends?

Can I find a friend that is truly faithful?

Friends are fickle and Jesus' friends were truly fickle and faithfless, but Jesus is a faithful friend.

Miracle Ear

Can finding a hearing aid really be a miracle?

When people get together to help a friend find a lost hearing aid by searching and praying, is it a miracle if they find it?

An Any Weather Friend

Do you have an "any weather" friend?

Jesus is a friend for all seasons, but so many of our friends are only fair weather friends.