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ToGather: The Way of Christ Jesus

The call of Jesus is for us to live with each other in love.

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Surely Jesus is talking about something other than evangelism?

Phil Ware continues his LifeWORDS series and shares Jesus' Great Commission as a call to incarnational ministry and not just evangelism.

The Andrew Factor

Do you have the Andrew Factor?

The apostle Andrew shows us how to tell others about Jesus.

Reluctant Leadership?

What does God see that we don't?

Mike Barres reminds us about the power of leadership and encourages us to prayerfully step up if asked.

The Power to Risk

So is it really better to be safe than sorry?

Phil Ware talks about the old adage, better to be safe than sorry, and shows what Jesus says about it: the follower who takes this approach will be condemned.

Showing God's Love

What can you do to show it?

Alan Smith shares a story about Doug Nichols in India while he was in a sanatarium and how his service opened the door to his evangelism.

The Main Thing

Are we losing focus?

Phil Ware shares a reminder that not only must we do good and live morally, but we must not forget the main thing, letting others know about Jesus!

People First

Would you reach the mountaintop or help the wounded?

Mike Barres challenges us with a powerful example of climbing Mt. Everest and compares it with having a great church experience but not being concerned with people.

Your Ambition

What is your ambition in life?

Tom Norvell shares with us some insights from 1 Thessalonians and how to life a quiet life and honor God and win the hearts of outsiders.


So who are we going to exclude?

Phil Ware reminds us that from the very beginning of the Christian movement, Jesus and His followers recognized that the Gospel and the church are for all people.

The Front Porch

What kind of concept is this for a church?

Phil Ware shares how his church suddenly saw their call from God to be a front porch to the people of their community and how it changed them and helped them find their roots right back in the early story of Jesus' followers.

Beautiful Feet

How pretty are your woofng dogs?

No matter how ugly your feet may look, if you share the good news of Jesus, God says they are really beautiful.

If You Love Jesus, Don't Honk!

What kind of bumper sticker would Jesus have had?

In your face christian bumper stickers are offensive and dont' work to help evangelism.

Afraid to Speak Up?

What would keep you from putting in a good word for Jesus?

We must always be willing to speak up for Jesus!

Want to Plant a Church?

Interested in church planting?

Four diferent approaches to church planting.

Living Up to the Price?

Are we living up to the price paid to purchase our freedom?

Is the high cost of freedom worth the price? Am I living up to the price paid for my freedom?

Showing God's Love

How can you communicate when you don't know the language?

Our actions nearly always speak louder than our words, especially when people cannot understand our words!

Do We Really Believe What He Said?

When does every nation begin next door?

Why is it so hard for us to reach out and share the Gospel with those nearby, much less with the whole world?

Handling Life's Storms

What happens when the strom won't let up?

The way we handle life's storms can be a powerful witness to those around us just like Stephen's life was.

Proclaiming the Mystery of Christ

Are you sharing the message?

We need to be sharing the gospel of Christ, God's mystery.

The Plausiblity Zone

Does your life have a real impact on those around you?

People need to see genuineness in Christians before they are going to listen to them about Jesus.

New Windows

What would you see if you had new windows in your church?

We must view the world outside our churches in new ways, especially through the eyes of compassion like Jesus did.

1 + 1 = Many

How much does one conversion actually mean?

One soul makes a huge difference in the world and we must not slack up in the work of making disciples.

Why Johnny Can't Share His Faith

Why is it so hard to have the right things to say to seekers?

We can't share our faith because we've lost the commitment to memorize and know God's Word.