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ToGather: Proof That I Belong (February 7, 2021)

The work and presence of the Holy Spirit give us the assurance that God has made us his children.

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in virtual worship through words and music using YouTube videos to celebrate the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives that ensures we belong to the family of God.

ToGather: God Withholds No Good Thing! (January 31, 2021)

Our lesson elaborates on this promise from God. We know that our Father does not withhold sharing his grace and every gift that is for our best good.

Demetrius Collins and Phil Ware lead us in virtual worship through words and music using YouTube videos encouraging us to recognize that God is our Father who does not withhold from us good things, especially the best things in this life and the life to c


Are you ready to lay down your trophies?

I know that just as my childhood trophies have lost their value to me, I'll one day look at all the things that seem so important to me now and see that they are like trash compared to knowing Christ. On that day, I'll lay my trophies down and receive wha

He Chose Poorly

His choice cost him billions

You can choose to get full value of God's gift, receiving eternal life. Or you can squander what you've been given, and you'll live forever with the consequences. Because, just like Ronald Wayne and just like Esau, you will reach a point where your poor c

Thinking about Heaven... Again

Heaven's been on my mind again

I have fewer days ahead of me than behind me, and I recently have been reminded by those with fewer things than I, about having family and friends in Heaven with you.

What's Most Important?

So how do I find out this key to life?

Tom Norvell reminds us about our life's purpose, mission, goal, target and what gives our lives meaning and significance and eternal life.

Heaven and Hell

If you believe in Heaven, then you must believe in Hell.

If you believe in life on this earth, then you must believe in life after death because scripture talks about both. If you believe in Heaven, then you must believe in Hell. And if you believe that God wants all of his people to go to Heaven, then you have

Grieve with Hope

Why would anyone think Chrisitans do not grieve?

Christians grieve the loss of loved ones, but we grieve differently because even in death we have hope of a better life.

Look! It's My Obituary

Is that me among the death notices?

I need to think about dying. Not in a scared way, nor some kind of morbid obsession. I need to remember that death is coming… and it's not the end. I need to prepare for my real retirement, the one that will last forever. All of the "busyness" that surrou

Is Cleanliness really next to Godliness?

But isn't it OK if I think God said it... even if he didn't?

It is dangerous to assume God said something that he did not say. Even worse to think he said something different than what he really said.


Are you willing to go into training to win the prize?

We look at the sacrifices that athletes make, and we understand why they do what they do. In the same way, we have to be willing to "go into training" to obtain eternal life


How much rest is enough?

Where God's people once practiced a one-day-per-week rest, we know seek a rest that will never end.

Getting Rid of the Hogs

Why would you go to all that trouble to follow Jesus?

Sometimes what you need costs you everything. It will have to be a relationship with Jesus.

Are You Ready to Die?

The response to Jesus is to die.

The decision to follow Jesus requires us to die with him so we can live forever.

Aches and Pains

When you reach a certain age, every day brings a new ache

As we get older, our bodies begin to fail. But what about what is inside of us? God has promised that we don't have to age on the inside

Another Epidemic

I don't worry about an outbreak of disease ...

Christians have the only certain security during times of epidemic illness.

Set Free

Where can I find true freedom?

Tom Norvell thinks about July 4th and reminds us that freedom is found in Jesus.


Why in the world would anyone keep this around in their basement?

The old Gallows of the city of Chicago were left in the basement for years and years and this reminds Patrick of things that we allow to sit around in our hearts and fester and destroy us for years.


How long will your stay be?

A joke about HMO's leads to some interesting oberservations about heaven and the fact that everyting on earth is temporary.

Ageless and Timeless

How old are you getting to be these days?

We are only as old as we choose to be, since God made us to be eternal.

Glory Awaits!

Where is your life hidden?

The eternal part of us, our life, is hidden away with Christ in God and glory awaits.