We decided that we had to do something about the hogs at our family farm. They were costing us significant dollars by eating up much of our crop. The damage they can do in one night is incredible. Just crossing the field damaged our crops. We knew it would only get worse. A few hogs today will become a few hundred tomorrow.

Getting rid of them was harder than we thought. We tried hunting them at night, but that made no significant reduction in their number. Nor did it keep them away. We tried traps, but that did not stop them. Since we could not seem to get rid of them, we decided to try to keep them out of the fields. We put up a fence. Then we repaired that fence. Then we tried a stronger fence. Didn’t help.

Finally, we paid to have a custom hog fence installed around the entire field. It was not cheap. It took quite a bit of time and effort. So why go to all that expense and effort? Because that’s what it took to get rid of the hogs! It had gotten to the point where we had to do whatever it took. Or quit farming.

I sometimes visit with people who express a desire to have a relationship with Jesus. They will even talk about some of the things they have tried to make it happen. I assure them that the relationship they want is possible, and it will be better than they ever imagined. But it is costly. In fact, God and Jesus paid an incredible price to make it possible. And they ask for your life in return. So why go to all that effort? Because that’s what it will take to have that relationship. So the question is: how badly do you want a relationship with Jesus?

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