It happens periodically in our world. There is an outbreak of some disease that threatens to become an epidemic. People get nervous, then worried, and some even panic. I do not. It is not because I think I am immune to any disease. But I do not worry.

This time it is Swine Flu. Athletic contests have been canceled, travel has been restricted, and the medical community is on alert. I have no idea what will happen this time. This may become a full fledged epidemic endangering thousands and resulting in hundreds of deaths. Or it may subside and become a footnote in the annals of medical care. But as I write this, even the medical experts seem unsure of what will happen. There is incredible uncertainty.

So where do you turn to secure your future? You could look to the knowledge of our medical community but they seem unable to assure us that they can offer adequate protection. They are not sure if it will become an epidemic, or how to control it if it does. I have heard of swine flu for years but this has caught everyone off guard. All of the science and all of the knowledge in our society may not be enough to protect us.

Maybe money is the answer. If someone can accumulate enough money, surely they can buy some sort of protection. But this strain of flu strikes without regard to economic status. And no matter how much money you scrape together, you cannot buy protection from this illness. So maybe the answer is just to trust in luck. Or fate. Or karma. Of course, there are no guarantees with any of these. The future still remains just as uncertain.

I am certain I will survive.
So why am I not worried? It is because my future is guaranteed. I trust God more than science, money, or luck. He has the power to spare me if He so chooses. And if I get swine flu and die, I go to heaven and live forever. It is popular in our culture to dismiss the security Christians claim in Jesus. But in times like these, it seems to me to be the most secure future of all.

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