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The Victory Foreseen

Do you realize that you've already won?

Because of Jesus' resurrection from the dead, we know that we have already won the victory.

Until He Comes

Can you wait until he returns?

A child waiting for morning and mommy reminds us that we are waiting for Jesus' return.

Running Out of Time

How much time do you have left?

We need to live with a greater sense of urgency and intention because salvation is nearer now than ever before.

Ready to Go!

Don't you want to be ready when the time comes?

Don't you want to be ready to go when Jesus returns to take us home to glory?

Older than Dirt!

How old are you?

Aren't we glad Jesus has always been around even though we may be as old as dirt!

A Little Faith

How do we lift our spirits on difficult days?

While we don't know why about why things happen here, we do know that one day our sorrow will melt into the joy of the Lord.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow ... ?

Is there anything good about being away from the one you love?

Being away from someone you love only makes you want to be with them more, but it hard and stinks!

Heaven Torn Open

Can we hope for the prophet's vision coming true?

Some of the prophets dreamed big dreams that only later people would get to see.

The Pains of Childbirth

What's it feel like to be pregnant?

We are in the time of pain, the time of pregnancy, waiting for the birth of our ultimate life in with God.

Report Card Day

What's your grade going to be?

While we may be flawed, God is compassionate, loving, and forigiving, and through Jesus, he will find ways to save us!

This Loss of Dreams

What a great disappointment to have to wait!

To have to put off your wedding would be a great disappointment, but life is filled with disappointments -- that's why we need the hope we have in Jesus.