The other night, Hope was at our house with our granddaughters Madison and Kylie. We were really enjoying each other's company! Kylie, Hope, and my wife Paula had been sick, so early that evening, Kylie went to lie on her Mimi's (Her Mimi is my Paula!) bed to take a nap. Several hours went by, and she didn't wake up, so we thought it would be best for her to spend the night. I would take her to school the next morning.

Things were working out well until about 4:00 that morning. I went to bed in the back room since Paula's bed was full! I was startled to hear Paula call my name in the middle of the night. She was sick at her stomach and was really struggling to keep her supper down. She asked me to come get Kylie.

Just as I went to pick Kylie up, she woke up and began to cry. I soothed her for a moment, and then we went into the other bedroom while Paula dealt with her sickness. It wasn't long before Kylie cried for her Mommy. Then she cried for her Mimi. Then she cried again for her Mommy! This went on for at least an hour. I rubbed her little forehead and sang her songs like I did when she was a little baby, but nothing seemed to work.

In an effort to calm her, I told her that Mommy would be here soon to get her. I kept promising her that Mommy was coming soon and everything would be okay. Finally, after several minutes, she went back to sleep. She woke up in a good mood and everything was indeed, okay.

While I was at the office later that morning, I thought about my groaning in anticipation of Jesus coming back to get me. I, too, feel like Kylie at times. I know the people around me love me and want to take care of me. In fact, they do a good job of blessing me. But still, there is a deep longing inside me that only the Lord can fulfill — just like the need that only Kylie's Mommy could fill.

There is a deep longing inside me.
I cry out in my night, and the Father soothes me, sings me songs in the night, and rubs my forehead and tells me that the Son is coming soon. He tells me to rest and wait for the morning, for it is soon to break! Sometimes it's enough to know all that. However, sometimes I need more. That is when I cry the loudest. In those times, it takes a while for me to go to sleep again, but I always do. One of these mornings when I wake up, I won't be in my own bed anymore — I'll be in his! Oh, what a day that will be. I can't wait to see him. I have so much I want to say to him ... and you know, I have the rest of eternity to tell him!

Oh, what a wonderful God we have! O what a morning that will be!