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Dawn of the New Way: Risen!

What would it have been like to be Jesus' younger brother?

Phil Ware shares insight on James, the brother of Jesus, and how the resurrection completely changed his life and what he believed about Jesus.

Faith: Growing in the Right Direction

So where is your faith growing?

Russ Lawson reminds us that our faith needs to keep growing and going in the direction of faith, believe but help my unbelief.

My Strength Is in the Lord

Where do you find your strength?

Russ Lawson reminds us that faith is a muscle we exercise and when we do, we mature and grow in faith and spiritual strength.

The Flow

Do you know how to get in the flow?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that life's purpose rather than externals or someone else trying to make us happy is the real key to peace and joy in life.

Jesus Is Everything

When are we going to let him into every area of our lives?

Phil Ware shares the values of his dad with his children and emphasizes to them how Jesus is everything.

The Obedience of Faith

Is it really faith if it doesn't do anything?

Belief and faith are not the same thing. Belief becomes faith when it goes into action.