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A Churchy Word

So what does repentance mean, anyway?

Repentance is more than feeling sorry about sin. It's a change, a change of mind that brings about a change in life.

Lord and Christ

Jesus must be more than just a Savior!

Mike Barres rejoices in the birth of Jesus as our Savior, but also reminds us that He must also be our Lord!

Becoming a Citizen

What's the easiest way to become a citizen?

The only way to become a citizen in God's kingdom is to be born a second time, born of water and God's Holy Spirit.

It Seems Too Good To Be True

He had to realize he could not make his life work on his own.

No matter how badly we have messed up our lives, God still loves us and will forgive us.

The Healing

She still couldn't walk, but she was healed in the way that counts

A handicapped woman experiences the joy of healing through the forgiveness of sins even though her physical impairment remains.

Almost Persuaded?

How long can we put it off?

Paul Faulkner reminds us that we need to decide to respond to Jesus now and honor him with our lives.

The Front Porch

What kind of concept is this for a church?

Phil Ware shares how his church suddenly saw their call from God to be a front porch to the people of their community and how it changed them and helped them find their roots right back in the early story of Jesus' followers.

Will Someone Please Help Me?

Do you know how to get where you're going?

We all need help to get where we're going. If you don't know how to get to Jesus, don't be afraid to ask someone who does.

We are Brothers

How are we alike when we seem so different?

What Christians share in common is much greater than any differences than could seem to separate them.

Maybe You Can Tell Us Apart

Can you tell us apart?

Despite apparent differences, we Christians are the same in the things that matter.

Power to Change

Warning: God still answers prayers!

When we pray for people, God actually works in their lives. The story of Fernando's conversion reminds us of the power of prayer.

Healing and the New Way

There is more to salvation than forgiveness!

Conversion is more than just a one time forgiveness, it is about learning a new way of life.

Starting Fresh

Can we really find something new and fresh in this season of commercialism?

A man's conversion helps Phil remember that life can become fresh and new and he reminds us that the Christmas season can bring all of this to us if we are looking for it.

What if We Can?

Is there any way to really reach the whole world?

Danny Sims, a friend and supporter of Heartlight reminds us that we can reach the whole world through Heartlight.

Ice Cold Morning, Life-changing Memory

Can your remember that special day?

Do your remember your special day of salvation?

EPIC Conversion

Do we need to go back and re-think the modern conversion experience?

Let's see conversion more wholistically -- an experience of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection in baptism that involves repentance, and confession of Jesus as Lord, and acceptance of him as Lord and Christ.

Don't Forget

Can you remember what you most recently forgot?

We are a forgetful people and lose so many valuable things of faith because we don't remember what God has done.

And Yet ...

What do you still lack?

We're not there yet if we haven't become a Christian and we're just a good person.