I was a little concerned that nobody could tell us apart. After all, we were both short, bald, and about the same size and age. We both loved the Lord, loved people, and loved to preach. We both talked very loud and very fast. Sounds like we could be twins, doesn't it? And to make it more confusing, he was my translator at a recent preaching campaign for Herald of Truth. Now there were some differences though. He is a native of Malawi and I am a native of the United States. I am white and he is black. And his English has a British accent while mine has a Texas accent.

So maybe you are thinking that it is not really so hard to tell us apart. But I am still struck by how much more we had in common than not. It really is a small world after all, and people all over are so much more alike than different. Little children all over the world smile when you do, everywhere people love to laugh, and everywhere people love their families. We all celebrate weddings and grieve at funerals. You would think someone could figure this out, and let peace have a chance in this world.

You're right. Someone did. God made each of us. He let His Son die for each of us. I have been a part of baptisms just this year in the United States, Honduras, and Malawi. And they all looked the same: joy, tears, hugs, and praise. The water environment may have been different, the method of immersion may have been different, but they really were the same. And each new birth put them into our family: the family of God. And someday we will all live together in Heaven forever.

And someday we will all live together in Heaven forever.
If you are looking for world peace, world community, and world hope ... then Jesus is looking for you. He died so you could be a part of something that matters in this world, both now and forever. Let me hear from you.

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