Just for Women 2004 Archives

Our Legacy

What are we leaving behind?

As women and mothers we can leave a legacy of faith for our children if we will commit to do so.

It Never Left

Where did your moon go?

Even when we cannot see the presence of God in our lives, he's always there!

Trailing Me

Do you ever get out ahead of God and forget to listen for his voice?

Sometimes we try to fix things so hard that we get ahead of God!

Making a Friend

Can you love the unlovable?

If we are willing, we can love the unlovable and encourage them to know Jesus.

Lady and Champ

Can letting go help us go on to greater things?

A move that left Kelly missing two neighbors and their pets left a hole in heart until she realized that God had filled her life with new friends and new pets.

Christ and Christophers

Will you miss your next opportunity?

May God give us those special moments to tell people how special they are to us.

Memorable Memorial

What have you broken open for the Lord?

The woman anointed Jesus with perfume and Jesus made sure no one would ever forget it.

The Landlord or the Minister's Wife

Which of the two are you most like?

We need to be those that serve and not like those who tell others to serve.

Ahead of My Time

When is running late being ahead of schedule?

Sometimes when we are running late, God gets our attention anyway and helps us make it to our destination on time.

Have It His Way!

What difference can the squawking voice really make in a day?

Some people are just God's special blessings for us along the way.


Won't it be such a great surprise party?

Going to heaven must be like arriving at your own surprise party and seeing all the people you love.

Said the Spider to the Fly

Have you been trapped lately?

Satan loves to trap us when we wander away from God's people.

Leap of Faith

Leaving home or just taking a new journey?

Her grandmother leaves home and leaves all her stuff behind and begins a new journey of faith.

Night Night Moon

When do you forget the schedule and live in the moment?

While we need schedules, our children must take precedence over our schedule.

Now That's the Ticket

What you going to give?

Sometimes we get surprised at how quickly the Lord shows us to trust him; especially in the area of tithing!

A Little Faith

How do we lift our spirits on difficult days?

While we don't know why about why things happen here, we do know that one day our sorrow will melt into the joy of the Lord.

What a Week

What's good about the AC going out in summer?

Sometimes God's greatest blessings are seen when things don't go exactly like we like them.

Safe With Dad

Can we trust that we are really safe?

God is always there to care for us and keep us from ultimate harm.

The Difference That Ella Made

Can one little girl change the shopping experience?

One girl not only can, but also did make huge changes in the shopping world in which she found herself.

Rescued from the Refuse Heap

Have you been rescued?

God rescued Hannah and us from the garbage heap of our lives.

In Tandem with Jesus

Will we let Jesus be the Ringmaster of our lives?

Even when things go horribly bad, we can work in tandem with Jesus.

Stirring Up Emotions

Can there be more than recipes in those cookbooks?

Our offers of love and friendship enrich us and bless others.

Learning to Pray

How do you pray?

Prayer is learned and we need to learn from Jesus how to pray.

Say a Prayer for Me

What can we do to help others in the middle of their messes?

What can we do when it seems we can't do anything? We can pray.

Wonder Working Power

Why can't we see the power of the Holy Spirit in less exciting ways?

Even if our time in life means we have to slow down, that doesn't mean the Holy Spirit quits working in us; we can see his power in the small things he does in our lives.