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Seek Me and Live

What happens when a nation loses its way?

God convicts Israel because of her sin. We must pray not to be this nation.

Citizens of a Different Country

Do you have your green card?

We must recognize that our highest allegiance is to the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom and so we are all aliens.

The Best Kind of Citizens

How can we be good citizens?

We can and must be good citizens of the nation we find ourselves in.

Haunted House

Jesus talked about a haunted house?

Don't simply get rid of evil, but fill your life with goodness!

Lord, What are You Doing?

Can you figure it out?

So often we are too busy with the everyday things of life to ask the most important questions of all: what are you doing lord and what do you want me to be doing?

Throwing Bibles from Heaven

Where do Bibles come from?

Knowing the Scriptures is a special blessing we must never take for granted.

I Have Decided

Will you still follow?

I have decided to follow Jesus and though I don't do it perfectly, I won't quit

Don't You Just Love It?

Will justice ever be served?

We enjoy seeing justice happen on earth because it happens so infrequently here.

True Love ... Obeys!

What does true love do?

While true love waits, true love also obeys. Whatever happened to obedience?

The Strawberry

Why eat a strawberry when pursued by a cougar?

God is in control and our job is to make the most of the life we are given.

Handling Life's Storms

What happens when the strom won't let up?

The way we handle life's storms can be a powerful witness to those around us just like Stephen's life was.

The Power is On!

Are you living by candlelight rather than God's power and light?

An electrical outage doesn't last as long as folks thought and they learn a lesson about turning on the power.

Oh You Light of Mine!

What can of light do you owe the world?

We all need to be a little more ready and intentional about letting our light shine before others, but we also know and willingly bear the consequences.

The Danger of Being Too Busy

Who are you judging before looking at your own life?

Before we criticize others for being too busy, maybe we ought to look at our own schedules!

September Song

Can we draw closer in the latter years of our life?

We don't have to grow dim as we age, we can grow closer to God!

Who Gets the Credit?

Does it matter who gets teh credit?

It's amazing what happens when no one worries about who gets the credit.

The Church Was Used For What?

What's cookin' in your church's kitchen?

Some places are holy and we shouldn't violate these sacred spaces.

Wells of Life

How do you explain 3 in 1?

How can a well actually help explain the nature of God?

Eyes on the Prize

When is finishing third actually about winning?

Olympic Marathon 2004 was wild with Vanderlei de Lima finishing third because of a weird attack, but he still finished.

Please Arrest Me!

When's the last time you turned yourself in?

If we will honestly ask for God to change us and help us, he will step and do so because he knows our struggles and longs to give us mercy.

Proclaiming the Mystery of Christ

Are you sharing the message?

We need to be sharing the gospel of Christ, God's mystery.

We Have to Serve?

Do we really have to be servants?

While it may not be fun, service is the role of Jesus!

God Loves a Slow Cooker

Can you really hold off the condemnation?

God is forgiving of us and we must be of each other.

Class Now in Session

Are you willing to join Jesus in the Garden?

Jesus faced the fight we all face in the garden of gethsemane so we should be willing to fight that same fight and not give up!

Hot, Hot, Hot

How hot is it where you are?

God calls us to decide for him or against -- he wants us to be hot, on fire for him.