The Caring Touch 1998 Archives


Monica Seles overcame fear and pain—you can too with Jesus’ help!

The Greater Gift

St. Jude’s received a great gift, but you received a greater one.

Learning to Forgive

Corrie Ten Boom faces the challenge of forgiveness.

Dream Time or Clock Time?

Please stop the ticking!

What’s Your Dream?

Go out and grab it.

Pursuit of Peace

Surrender to Jesus.

Critical Decisions

We all face them. Face them with God.

The Great Work of Prayer

Have you turned it over to him?


Live your dreams.

Die Broke

But leave your kids a real inheritance.

Beyond Blindness to Blessing

Can you find the blessing?

Accept the Son

What a bargain!

Amazing Grace

God has made the first move.

We All Need a Savior

Jesus came to save sinners.

Private Lives and Pleasing God

Public life or private life—live it for God.

Let Her Faith Encourage You

Let Missy’s story inspire you.

A Serious Problem with Happiness?

What’s the problem with happiness?

Covenant Marriage

Make a true commitment.

Release from the Past

You’ve got to let it go; Jesus will help.

Touched by an Angel

Focus on the message, not the messenger.


It’s all a question of what you really want.

You are Wanted

God wants you.

The Ups and Downs of Faith

Up and down, but never without God.

Overcoming Stress

Just like Jesus did.

Til Death Do Us Part

Be in it for the long run.