The Caring Touch (Page 2) 1998 Archives

God’s Order in the Court

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Power and Humility in Prayer

Now is a great time to start praying.

99 Lives?

Tired of 42 hour days? Take a break with Jesus!

God’s Blessings in Our Disappointments

They’re just a little harder to recognize.

The Source of Our Hope

Only Jesus can offer true hope.

The Ideal Man

What is he like?

Your Greatest Work

Pass on your faith.

Touching the Longing

We all want to be loved.

Amazing Grace

Thank God for grace!

Sunshine in My Soul

More glorious and bright!

Powerful Prayer

The prayer of a righteous man...

A Phone Call of Love

Pick up!

A Child’s Guide to God

Reading is so important.

Day of Power

Plug in to Him.

Earnestly Seek Him

Henri Nouwen is a shining example of seeking God.

Road Rage

Relax! It’s not worth it!

Choose Wisely

It is for a lifetime.

Anger at the Boiling Point

Release the pressure before you blow up.

Get to Know Jesus!

Mercy has a name.

Every Hour

No tender voice like Thine, can peace afford.

Keep My Hope Alive

What can we do?

Help to Walk God’s Way

We’ll get by with a little help…

Give Your Heart to Jesus

Now is always the best time.

Getting Right with God

Come and get what you really need.


How do we cope with the certainty of death?