What if our biggest ministry and calling in life is to whisper encouragement to someone in their moment of self-doubt?

What if God custom created us to adapt and meld to one person, and stand by their side through incredibly long and wearying seasons?

What if we were made, specially created, to endure? Custom made to face the salty spray of a storm that seems endless and stand, unwavering by someone’s side?

What if we were made of steel and velvet? Iron-strong when needed and yet the softest, tenderest place for those deeply vulnerable moments of uncertainty?




Uncertain homeschoolers.

Unlikely housekeepers.

Unintended pastor's wives.

All the things we never expected to be, and yet here we are. We step into shoes that feel strange and head out on the road. The muscles cramp and burn, but we find our stride. The steps even. Our breathing finds a pattern.

And we feel warmth flooding our shoulders. Sunshine is splashing down over our shoulders, turning sweat to glitter.

Oddly enough, we find we are made for this.
Oddly enough, we find we are made for this.

Then we see it, all of it, the unexpected, hard parts of our life — we were made for this.

What season has caught your breath away, and yet showed you like never before that God is good and present in it all?