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The Power of Affirmation

The Power of Affirmation

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We're glad you are here, but you are a little early for this week's ToGather shared worship experience. You can find previous experiences and an explanation of ToGather at ToGather.church! What do you need for our shared worship experience?

An open heart seeking Jesus, a mobile device, and some bread and wine (grape juice).

A connection cable from your laptop to your TV is helpful, but not mandatory. ToGather should work on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Hope you will join us. The next ToGather worship experience will be available Saturday, 12:00 a.m. CST so that it is available on the Lord's day for all time zones on Sunday wherever you are.

Until then, check on two people who are alone, aging, or who need encouragement.

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Phil Ware
Phil Ware has authored 11 years of daily devotionals, including VerseoftheDay.com, read by 500,000 people a day. He works with churches in transition with Interim Ministry Partners and for the past 21+ years, he has been editor and president of HEARTLIGHT Magazine, author of VerseoftheDay.com, God's Holy Fire (on the Holy Spirit), and aYearwithJesus.com. Phil has also authored four books, daily devotionals on each of the four gospels.

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