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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication—a way for publishers to publish their content into an easy-to-share format. RSS feed readers (such as Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.) enable you to be notified when your favorite blogs have been updated with new content saving you valuable time from needlessly checking for updates. For more information on RSS feeds and feed readers, please visit WhatIsRSS.

Heartlight now offers RSS feeds for all of our devotionals, articles, and authors. Simlply click the RSS icon [ ] next to any of our resources below to grab the feed.

Devotionals RSS Feed  
Today's Verse (NIV) RSS Feed for 'Today's Verse (NIV)'  
Today's Verse (KJV) RSS Feed for 'Today's Verse (KJV)'  
What Jesus Did! RSS Feed for 'What Jesus Did!'  
Quotemeal RSS Feed for 'Quotemeal'  
Morning and Evening: Morning RSS Feed for 'Morning and Evening: Morning'  
Morning and Evening: Evening RSS Feed for 'Morning and Evening: Evening'  
Praying With Paul RSS Feed for 'Praying With Paul'  
Daily Wisdom (NIV) RSS Feed for 'Daily Wisdom (NIV)'  
Daily Wisdom (KJV) RSS Feed for 'Daily Wisdom (KJV)'  
SpiritFire RSS Feed for 'SpiritFire'  
Passion for Praise RSS Feed for 'Passion for Praise'  
Articles RSS Feed  
All Heartlight Articles RSS Feed for 'All Heartlight Articles'  

A Taste of Home

RSS Feed for 'A Tase of Home'  
Hope for Life RSS Feed for 'Hope for Life'  
Just for Men RSS Feed for 'Just for Men'  
Just for Women RSS Feed for 'Just for Women'  
Leading in Hope RSS Feed for 'Leading in Hope'  
Making Life Work for Your Family RSS Feed for 'Making Life Work for Your Family'  
Special Features RSS Feed for 'All Heartlight Special Features'  
The Caring Touch RSS Feed for 'The Caring Touch'  
Timely Truths RSS Feed for 'Timely Truths'  
Together in His Grace RSS Feed for 'Together in His Grace''  
Two Minute Meditations RSS Feed for 'Two Minute Meditations'  
To find the RSS feed of a specific author, go to an article on this website which they have written and look for a link to their RSS feed in the right-hand column.    


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