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SpiritFire: Ask!
If we are not careful, the phrase can become little more than a slogan for Christian pep rallies ... (read more)

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Fan the Flame!
Fear! Fear immobilizes us. Fear makes us question ourselves. Fear causes us to overprotect those we love ... (read more)

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Breath of Heaven
As Luke tells us the story of Jesus, he wants to evoke the same kind of sensations we feel when we step outside ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Traveling Mercies: You've Got to Be Kidding Me!
When you open up the New Testament to the very first chapter, you are greeted with a list of names, the genealogy ... (read more)
Traveling Mercies: Never Leave These Behind
Sounds like a slogan. You've probably read, recited, or sung those words at some time or the other. But what ... (read more)
Traveling Mercies: Broken Dreams?
Those words are the sound of broken dreams. You've been there, haven't you? Preparation, plans, and prayer — just like... (read more)
The following story happened thirty years ago, in a safe town, on a Sunday morning, with nothing to fear except ... (read more)
The Greatest Glory
His hands were shaking and beads of sweat formed above his lip and his forehead. "It seems like every time I'm ... (read more)
Lost and Found
One Wednesday night after we had visited with a lot of folks, Donna and I both looked up and Zach had just vanished ... (read more)
Promises Kept!
We have all sorts of little sayings to emphasize that we are telling the truth and we really are going to keep ... (read more)
A Really Inconvenient Truth
How nervous was he? I really don't know, but my guess is that he was extremely nervous. God had chosen him to ... (read more)
Drop the Rope!
Google or Bing the words "tug of war rope breaks injuries" and you will get to some crazy and even gruesome ... (read more)
Riders in the Storm
For once, I was excited to go see my doctor. Headed into my yearly physical, I had dropped about 25 pounds from ... (read more)
Beyond the Slogans
Those of us in the community of believers pull out several sayings when folks face hardship and troubles ... (read more)
Ain't Nothin' New?
We call the problem many things: dying with boredom, stuck in our rut, captured by the predictable, the ... (read more)
God's Twin Grace
We often seize on that first phrase of Jesus' words of grace, "Then neither do I condemn you." We know this... (read more)
For Insiders or Outsiders?
So what's the purpose of the church? Over the years, we've oscillated back and forth between two different ... (read more)
Strange Neighbors
Five university boys moved into the house next door last year. You have to understand, they moved into the biggest... (read more)
Grace Beyond the Miracle
Spectacle. We get lost in it. We crave it. We slow down on the freeway to catch a glimpse of it. We demand it in ... (read more)
Who Are You?
Who are you? Please, don't tell me what you do or where you live. Please, don't tell me where you are from? Please, I'm not looking for your mobile... (read more)
Where's the Power?
You've probably done it, too. I've had it happen several times. I always feel a bit foolish when it happens ... (read more)
Some time around the year 10 A.D., in a carpenter shop in the small village of Nazareth, you could have peered in the shop and seen God with wood ... (read more)
Follow Me
Why would God let this happen to me? I've tried to be faithful to Him, but all this has happened and I'm not sure what I can believe anymore ... (read more)
Glue Lines and a Pink Lamp
I was a rambunctious boy. I know that description seems redundant to most mothers who have raised boys. Sitting still was not a possible... (read more)
You Are Witnesses!
Imagine what Peter would have shared with a visitor to his cell as he awaited his execution for his faith in Jesus — as his mind drifted back across ... (read more)
Shown Alive by the Scars
Jesus was alive. He was standing right there among them. It was too good to be true! It was more than they... (read more)
Peace Be with You!
Growing up, the standard procedure around our house for repeat offenders went something like this. We would mess up and get a nudge ... (read more)
This Is What I Told You ...
Most of us have seen enough public investigations to be familiar with the question phrased as a statement: "I want to... (read more)
My Brothers!
Few commitments are harder to keep than genuinely forgiving someone who has wronged us deeply. Anytime I share... (read more)
He Knows My Name!
Mary didn't recognize Him! Can you believe it? After all Jesus had meant to her and after all she had seen... (read more)
Go to My Brothers and Tell Them
She had been there through the whole nightmare. Now that the brutality was over, she was committed to do the final ... (read more)
God's Gift of Family Grace
Sometimes the stories behind the scenes are the main story. Our church was packed, and the excitement was electric. But... (read more)
Making God Touchable
Ah, the sense of touch. While it warns us of danger and alerts us to pain, our sense of touch opens up a world... (read more)
Memory and More
The Centurion stood sheepishly before the governor, Pontius Pilate. He had not asked for this duty. His century of men were... (read more)
When Heroes Walk
It was years ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. He was young. Too young to have to deal with this... (read more)
David's First Giant
David bent over and reached down into the brook that ran through the Valley of Elah. The water ran swiftly over the rocky bed... (read more)
What Difference Can One Make?
I'm just a nobody. That's the pigeon hole so many want to make me fit — a nobody. It doesn't feel like any of my ... (read more)
The Partnership
"It's just lousy!" Pretty much everywhere I turn, that's the prevailing sentiment. The economy is in the tank. Retirement ... (read more)
Worship in the Real World
We don't like to stand in them, but despite all our protests, we really do like them ... in fact, much of what we ... (read more)
The Power to Risk
"I'm not sure we should do that. You know, I think it's better to be safe than sorry." Sounds like wise words for times like ours, doesn't it? But, are they ... (read more)
James, like most good Jews of his day, was angry at Rome's brutal rule. He was even angrier at the treasonous partnership ... (read more)
He Died for Me!
This week, more than any other week of the year, the world is tuned to remember the last few days of Jesus' life. That week... (read more)
Wrong Road, Right Friend

Sometimes, maybe more often than we would like to admit, we find ourselves on the wrong road going the wrong... (read more)
Beyond the Mirror
When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Ouch! What I see is the 10-20-30 syndrome: a guy who is... (read more)
Last Thoughts or Long Commitments?

The cell is dark and dank. The odor is unspeakable, seasoned as it is from unwashed humanity stacked like cord wood... (read more)
The Unmentioned Essentials
As last week ended, two very quiet and unassuming people in our church family — one a woman, the other a man ... (read more)
Putting My Life Where My Mouth Is
The air is sizzling with tension. Three and a half years work has come down to this moment of intense conflict. Hatred and jealousy... (read more)
Pass It On
Emotion. Disaster. Passion. Heartbreak. Love. Tragedy. Comfort. Death. Surprise. These all collide in our daily... (read more)
Comfort in any Season
Life drags us through different seasons — some of them good, and some of them bad; and we are all going to need ... (read more)
Captured by Grace
The climactic moment of the movie, "Saving Private Ryan," comes shortly before Captain Miller turns to ... (read more)

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