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2004 Archives: Two Minute Meditations

After the Christmas Lights are Gone
I just got in from walking our dog. It’s that time of the night when everybody is home, but not yet... (read more)

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Happy Birthday Bro!
I am blessed with two great physical brothers, both of whom I admire. We journeyed through the suburbs... (read more)

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Buried in My Old Attic?
This is our first Christmas in a new town. That means that when we moved here in early summer, we... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Hard Winter Chill
Are you a winter person? Over the years, I've learned that there are winter people and that there... (read more)
The One Left Behind
Winter is setting in where we live. Frost covers the grass in the morning. Leaves are letting go and are... (read more)
The Lost Art of Giving Thanks
Does it seem strange to anyone else but me that the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. is the... (read more)
Running Out of Time
The clock is ticking. The calendar is winding down. I'm running out of time. I made myself some promises about some... (read more)
A Little Rain Must Fall
Once again, we have to re-adjust our plans to rain. Half a year ago, our family moved to west Texas... (read more)
What Joy for This Nation!
The LORD shatters the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes.... (read more)
Time to Hit our Knees and Lift our Hands
I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. As you make your requests, plead for God's mercy upon them, and give thanks.... (read more)
1 Egg Breakfast x 5
We meet every Wednesday morning for breakfast. We preach at 5 different churches of the same Christian fellowship.... (read more)
He Must Increase
The crowd cheered wildly when he caught the pass for a touchdown. A friend turned to me and explained. At the end... (read more)
Ready to Go!
Donna and I are on a fall vacation in the panhandle of Florida. In case you are not from the U.S., 4 hurricanes and several... (read more)
Too Many Words
We text message them. We instant message them. We speak them. We're bombarded with them in ads. We email them. We... (read more)
New Fangled Night Light
I don't know about you, but some of my "best ideas" come to be right before I go to sleep. Yet in that special land... (read more)
Not Prepared for These Storms!
Over the last few weeks, many of us have friends who have boarded up their homes and evacuated them for safer... (read more)
Amazing and Extended Grace
You will never know the names of some of the most amazing Christians alive today until you meet them in heaven. They... (read more)
S.O. S.
Spiritual warfare is a topic bandied about more frequently these days. More Christians are accepting the worldview of the... (read more)
Missing the Target
As they started the final round, Matt Emmons was a few points behind the leader in the Olympic 50 meter three position... (read more)
The Sounds of Letting Go
I had dressed for work and was grabbing a diet Dr. Pepper as I took a quick glance at the paper. As I reached down to grab... (read more)
The Hardest Grace of All
Grudges are hard to carry, but sometimes they are harder to put down. Resentment is a poison... (read more)
Pickles and Mustard?
When the heat of summer comes, I often find myself drifting back to childhood memories. One of those crazy memories... (read more)
When Love Takes You In
Have you ever known what it was like to be on the outside looking in? Or were you ever chosen last when... (read more)
Rain of Grace
Sunday morning slid into consciousness. Normally summer mornings dawn bright, clear, and harsh in our... (read more)
Legacy and a Little Tack Hammer
His life was short ... way too short. The church where he was an elder moved sharply toward the negative... (read more)
Refuse to Be Slicked
Have you seen the latest new incredible burger being offered by the nearby fast food... (read more)
Christian Independence Day
Today is the business holiday extension of the most treasured national holiday in the United States. Independence Day is... (read more)
The First to See the Sunrise
There is a lighthouse at Cape Spear, Newfoundland. The craggy rocks of the shore greet the raging... (read more)
Will They Walk in My Footsteps?
It was Fathers’ Day. We were away from our kids getting ready to go to church in a little East Texas... (read more)
Our Transit Across the Son
Did you see Venus' transit across the Sun last week? It is one of those seldom seen celestial events that catches... (read more)
Why Do We Do It?
"Why do you keep on doing all this?" This is a question I get from time to time. It's a legitimate... (read more)
Be Strong and Courageous
"Life is not for the faint of heart." I have no clue who said that. I'm sure some of... (read more)
Living Your Dream
This is an interesting time of year. Untold thousands of young people graduate from colleges, universities, graduate programs, and... (read more)
Absence Makes the Heart Grow ... ?
No, we're not disgusted with each other. We're not angry or getting a divorce. In fact, we miss each other terribly. We're in one of those transitions from... (read more)
Window to the Heart of God
I want you to join me at the window of grace. Its frame is old and battered. The scene on the other side of the old pane is one we've... (read more)
What Gets in Your Way?
I don't want my thoughts to get lost in the U.S. rhetoric, the debate our public prayer, or in the convoluted waters of church and state issues. My concerns run much deeper... (read more)
The Church of Today!
I've heard this statement a jillion times over the years; I winced every single time. While this well-intentioned thought... (read more)
Answer My Prayers
I pulled up to the stoplight behind an old green Tempo covered with bumper stickers. One of them caught my eye and really made me... (read more)
Clean Spring Rains
We don't really have seasons in Central Texas. It's either hot or cold. There's not much time spent... (read more)
Faithful Friends?
Do you suppose some of the same voices rang out in both mobs?... (read more)
We Shouldn't Be Surprised
While the movie The Passion of The Christ has been a huge box office smash, it has also drawn strong reaction... (read more)
Early Re-runs
What's the deal? I don't watch much TV, but what little I do watch seems to be nothing but repeats ... and it's not even... (read more)
There may be some "self-made" successes in the world. My experience is different... (read more)
Last Things
It's the last week for me. I will preach for the last time for a precious group of people who... (read more)
Covered Signs
Recently after several days of beautiful weather, a howling "Blue Norther" came roaring through as... (read more)
They Had Been With Jesus
Over the next several weeks, tens of millions of people around the world will go see... (read more)
Love in Any Language
Some go into great detail trying to describe the meaning of God's love by talking about... (read more)
Life Transformation in Less Than an Hour
It must be true; it was in an email. That's a laugher isn't it! So you can imagine my cynicism when an ad... (read more)
The Heart and Soul of Success
For years, the secret to success for the teams that have won championships... (read more)
With a Cherry on Top
After several repeated requests, we would say, "Pretty please with a cherry... (read more)

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