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What Christmas Teaches
There is a wonderful line from the American scholar Stephen L. Carter that is appropriate to the Christmas season... (read more)

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A Time of w00t
One of the things I love about the English language is its ability to morph, to ad lib, to accept new words. Last year... (read more)

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Lord and Christ
One of my favorite Christmas carols is "Silent Night." In one of the verses we sing, "Jesus, Lord at Thy birth." These are... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Leading in Hope'

How Do We Measure Success?
How do we measure success? Is it based on job performance? Perhaps for some it is the kind of job one has. Or... (read more)
Fast for the President
Thankfully my friend replied, "Not all Americans are Christians ... ." But to the Nigerian, all Americans are Christians because... (read more)
Still Not Enough
Like most people I know I have spent the last week like many other people being reminded of and expressing gratitude for... (read more)
Which Side?
If you're a Bible student, you're most likely familiar with the battle of Jericho. It was only recently that... (read more)
People Like Me!
I like people who are like me. I guess that's a pretty obvious statement, and I doubt that I'm all that unusual in... (read more)
Penchant for Perfection
You've heard of analysis paralysis, right? Some people are so determined to think through every detail of every... (read more)
Sharing Her Grandpa
Avery's elementary school hosted a Grandparents Day recently, and her Grandpa was able to arrange his day to... (read more)
Growing to Your Space
One of the common complaints of people in our time is the monotony and boredom of life. I have a sneaking suspicion... (read more)
Pessimism: Its Mistaken Perspective
I've heard there are people with such sunny dispositions that they never give way to sadness. The rumor is that... (read more)
Steering through the Storms
These are challenging times, and it is difficult to find a silver lining to some of the darker clouds visible... (read more)
Faith in the Dry Seasons
My friend wrote me about his marriage. "It is a dry season for us," he admitted to me as a confidant. "There has been... (read more)
Dwell on These Things
Our memories can be of good times, or bad times, or even a combination of both. A lady wrote me recently and said... (read more)
Ten Commandments of Human Relations
The fundamental issue in human ethical behavior is summarized by Jesus in what we have come to call "The Golden Rule."... (read more)
The Sin of Living too Cautiously
Pardon my use of the word "sin." It is hardly ever heard in polite company these days. Then, when it is heard from... (read more)
More to Celebrate ...
I had the good fortune last week to hear a lecture. Okay. Perhaps that doesn't excite you too much. The word... (read more)
But Can She Sing?
During the Olympic Games, news media pointed to several mini-scandals among the Chinese hosts that have blemished... (read more)
Getting Close to God
I have long been interested in religious discussion. A lot of it is extremely good, encouraging, corrective, and... (read more)
Misplaced Apology?
I was staring at the paper plate in front of me, trying to recall what I had just had for lunch. Slowly, I was able... (read more)
Where to Place the Blame
In general we are not good at accepting blame, are we? No one really wants to look like a bad person to others, and sometimes... (read more)
Don't Sit Around Waiting
Does your life find destiny in a riddle? Are you looking for maps, clues, or answers? In the movie... (read more)
Hard Times Good for You?
My parents lived through the Great Depression, and it changed them forever. They were certainly never wasteful. They hated... (read more)
The Church of Me
When George Michael goes to church, he doesn't have to go far. Mr. Michael (not the singer of the same name) recently... (read more)
Cleaning Up Our Act
When I was in junior high, a lady offered me some tropical fish. When I told my mother of the offer, she was willing... (read more)
How Money Buys Happiness
esearchers at Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia are challenging the old, shop-worn thesis... (read more)
Moving Stumps
Two big stumps. I had to move them. The first one went pretty easily. I had it in the back of my truck in no... (read more)
People First
In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay climbed to the top of Mount Everest. Later, in May of 2006, mountainneers... (read more)
Shout for Joy!
"Like a victorious locker room," says Philip Yancey, "church is a place to exult, to give thanks, to celebrate the good... (read more)
God Gets Mad
When God sees someone abusing his wife, betraying her husband, corrupting a child, or otherwise perpetrating injustice... (read more)
She came in complaining about my sermons always being about forgiveness and grace ... I needed to come down harder on the... (read more)
We have a new house and a new driveway. Our driveway is steep and it's made of gravel. We have been in the house for... (read more)
The Comma Makes All the Difference
Did you know that Oreos can talk? Sit down; break-open a package, and listen. Do you hear something like... (read more)
Shout for Joy!
"Like a victorious locker room," says Philip Yancey, "church is a place to exult, to give thanks, to celebrate the good... (read more)
Coaches Invest in People
A few months ago I took a day off and drove to a small town in East Texas. It was a trip that had been at the top... (read more)
What Difference Would It Make?
The story begins with a nine-year-old boy who was being raised by a single mother. He never met his father, but his hard-working mother put... (read more)
Some Who Has Been There
There was a time when Superman was one of my heroes. I watched his exploits on black-and-white TV. Even though... (read more)
More than One Way to Hit a Homerun
You've probably already heard what happened recently when Central Washington and Western Oregon faced off against... (read more)
The Little Church That Could
Do you remember the famous children's book: "The Little Engine that Could"? A train full of toy animals, dolls and every... (read more)
Restored to Sanity
The process called "redemption" or "salvation" in Holy Scripture is about this very thing. We humans are messed up... (read more)
A Christian Nation?
We are in a major political season. Even if you were to try, you could not avoid the primary coverage on TV, the... (read more)
Prayer out of Compassion
In 1857, the US was deep in a spiritual depression, but God was about to invade the impossible. Jeremiah Lamphier, a struggling... (read more)
A Tact Attack
My wife tells me I'm seriously deficient in the tact department. I tend to be direct, clear, and forthright. (Those are... (read more)
Treating Symptoms
Physicians are trained to trace symptoms to their root causes. Then it is the root cause — not just a presenting symptom... (read more)
A Step in the Right Direction?
Some of the things we do in the name of justice don't make a lot of sense. I was marginally involved several years ago... (read more)
Collecting the Fingerprints of God
There were twenty strangers standing around, coffee in hand, scanning the crowd for familiar faces. We were all waiting for... (read more)
Worship in the Microsoft Age
I wouldn't go to a theologian for advice on, say, managing a computer network. For the same reasons, I don't necessarily... (read more)
The Lord's Prayer
When someone speaks of the "Lord's Prayer," our minds immediately turn to "Our Father who is in heaven." It is a beautiful and deeply... (read more)
Root of the Problem
Have you heard that there are economic problems afoot in the United States? Have you heard about people buying big... (read more)

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