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The Grinch that Stole Mommy
I hate the Christmas season. Ok, maybe hate is too strong a word. That's the problem with being a writer... (read more)

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A Thankful Heart
You may think of it as "the official start of the holiday season," you may consider it a day to endure, you may... (read more)

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Move On!
A week before Thanksgiving, I begin rehearsing for the family gathering. I practice keeping my smile steady while doing my mental head slap. I carefully rehearse... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

Small Group Bible Study Suggestions
Welcome the Lord and His Word into your life. We need God's presence, His empowering, and His grace to learn to... (read more)
Untangling Family Knots
"It'll get better if you get closer." John's mom laughs as she untangles five-year-old John and Malakai, two boys... (read more)
Why Do I Go to Church?
Oh, I DO worship God when I go, but if MY church were going to be all about ME and MY best way to worship God... (read more)
Watch Out for Number 3
At a recent youth basketball game, I found new joy as a mother when I heard an opposing coach yell to his players, "Watch... (read more)
Woman Behold Your Son
Same song, next verse, eight months later. Last night my 10 year old son and I experienced a feeling of deja vu as we... (read more)
Handicapped and His Glory
Over a recent Sunday lunch, the kids were discussing different events from Sunday school and who got to be which character... (read more)
Years ago in the days of small children in diapers, car seats, sippy cups, and pacifiers, I learned a valuable lesson... (read more)
Pockets of Dreams
Robert and John, two young boys in the rural area of Kiryagonja, Uganda, were recently discovered by neighbors abandoned... (read more)
Going Home
The phone call came on a Tuesday morning, just as my family was yawning awake to face another busy day. Not at all... (read more)
The Coriolis Effect on the Heart
In a world, among various "coordinate systems" of nuclear families, extended families, church families, work... (read more)
Spiritual Restoration
Dayton Hyde wrote about a dry canyon on his ranch in "Don Coyote" — his fascinating book on nature's wonders. While sitting... (read more)
Stop Signs
I think it was because my window was rolled down a few inches that he bothered to yell at me. Otherwise, he might have... (read more)
Pink Slip
My daughter is a first year teacher and many of her friends and co-workers did get the dreaded pink slip. Some of them... (read more)
Uprighting the Earth
I've known she's been dying for quite some time and (dare I confess?) no remorse has gnawed away at these insides... (read more)
In Her Voice
One of my good friends in ministry shared with several of us that his prayer for a year was to more fully hear his... (read more)
Sweat the Small Stuff: It's the Big Stuff
"It's a design flaw." My mother's words drift from the sink, her milky white hands scrubbing dishes, skillet and... (read more)
God on eBay?
Of course, God is everywhere. I shouldn't feel wonder finding Him there. In fact, everywhere I go, I should seek Him. On this... (read more)
Living on Beam Unending
There is a patch behind the country church with its split rail fence, there beside the quiet of the woods, where heaven... (read more)
Companion Runner
Ultra marathons are grueling races. They stretch anywhere from 35 to 100 miles, cover all manner of terrain... (read more)
Jess, to His Friends
My husband gave me the priceless (no matter what he says) gift of a laptop. No more going to the frigid basement... (read more)
Real Spring Cleaning
What I caught began with an innocuous call, or so it seemed, mid-morning on Monday. An insurance agent needs a... (read more)
Real Spring Cleaning
What I caught began with an innocuous call, or so it seemed, mid-morning on Monday. An insurance agent needs a... (read more)
Just a Breath
I talked with my sister today and she told me she was in the middle of a breakdown. She is struggling with some... (read more)
Finding Beauty
Over the summer, my twenty-year-old daughter, Maddie, was lamenting all the pop-culture I was responsible for... (read more)
When the Sun Sets on Seno-Baani
Africa has served as a mirror for me, reflecting back my own perceptions, that is, my judgments and distortions... (read more)
Snow Days
Because I grew up on the west coast, I didn't experience a snow day until I was married, had children, and was transplanted to the east coast... (read more)
Treadmill of Life
One of my New Year's resolutions is the same one I make every year: take better care of myself. In an effort to firm up the body parts that tend... (read more)

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