One of my good friends in ministry shared with several of us that his prayer for a year was to more fully hear his wife's voice as she prayed and discussed her faith in the Lord. There were several reasons for this.

We male minister types often just hear male voices — most frequently our own. As we grow older, we recognize that our perceptions and view of the world is at best, only half accurately. It's the difference between seeing out of one eye or two: there is no depth perception: we know that we're missing part of the reality.

So often, we listen to respond instead of listening to be touched, molded, and changed. The hostility of modern discourse is more about winners and losers rather than "understanders" and "empathizers."

So, we've decided to add a women's blog to go with our Just for Women section of articles. This blog is called "A Kindred Heart" and will be hosted by Teresa Bell Kindred, who has frequently written for us. Here's a recent entry, plus her invitation for you!

The Sweetest Sound

Last night I drove my two year old granddaughter home after church. Evidently she'd learned some new songs in Sunday school class. I couldn't keep from smiling as I drove. The sound of her little voice singing, "I like to go to church" was one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard. Her joy and happiness were so pure and obvious.

Going to church should strengthen and refresh us spiritually. When others look at us do they see the joy of Jesus in us?

How do you reflect the joy of having the Savior in your life? (I'd love to hear from you on my blog:

Announcing the birth of "A Kindred Heart"

A few years ago one of my friends mentioned he had a blog. I asked him if it was painful and he laughed. "It's not a disease, Teresa," he said, and then went on to explain what it was.

Like many of you, I visit Heartlight daily. I am a freelance writer, the author of several books and an avid reader. I always enjoy reading Phil's articles and his blog. A couple of months ago I wrote to him and suggested a blog from a woman's point of view. He was kind enough to respond and agree that women might enjoy having a "feminine blog." "A Kindred Heart" is the result of my asking, Phil and his co-workers saying yes, and God encouraging us to spread the word. To have a blog connected with Heartlight is indeed an honor and privilege. To say I am excited about this opportunity would be an understatement. My fingers are itching to get at the keyboard and start blogging!

This note is the official birth announcement of "A Kindred Heart" blog for the Heartlight web site. I hope that you will visit the blog frequently and I pray that it will encourage and uplift you. Please pray for this endeavor, that it bring honor and glory to God.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you in His care.

Teresa Bell Kindred