Dayton Hyde wrote about a dry canyon on his ranch in "Don Coyote" — his fascinating book on nature's wonders. While sitting on the canyon rim, he glanced down and spotted a grooved stone. He recognized it as an Indian fishnet weight.

Glancing down the canyon wall, he saw a stratum of diatomaceous earth. This told him that once an inland sea may have covered this land. With his sons' help, and some big equipment, he built a dam across the canyon. When the snows on higher ground began to melt in the spring, water filled the valley. Before long, various birds and other wild life filled the area. The water brought life to a dry canyon, thanks to one small clue and an observant, wise man.

Has your life ever felt "dry"?

I felt this way after going through a difficult time in my life. At a Christian conference I attended several months later, however, the fellowship I found there was like the fishnet weight that led to a dry canyon becoming fertile.

The Holy Spirit renewed me. The living water provided by His renewal once again flowed, and I rejoiced! I was back to looking to the Lord and depending on Him no matter what.

Going through a traumatic experience of any kind may sometimes cause us to take our eyes off the Lord, to lose faith, and to grieve the Holy Spirit with our continuing feelings of anger, resentment, and bitterness. This in turn leads out to worldly thinking and temptations to sin.

Through the centuries God has used His faithful people to help others who have lost their way in the arid land of the world. I believe in ministering to these "dry souls" as well as to the lost who do not know Jesus. They are "dry" and need some special "water of the Word" that the Lord can inspire us to share with them.

To stay full of the living water of life we should wisely and regularly take in the water of God's Word through reading it and hearing it.

Some Scriptures are especially good at reviving us. I have found that Ephesians chapters 1 and 2 lift me up. Romans chapter 8 gives me proper perspective. Here the Spirit of God assures me: "Have faith — God will work all things together for good!"  Philippians 4 has strengthened my faith as I've practiced God's instructions about finding joy and peace. I know many people have been heartened by the message of peace, joy, and love given by Jesus in the upper room shortly before his death (John 14:1-17:26).

Many of the Psalms are wonderful faith and "rivers of living water" restorers for me. I especially love the following:

    The Psalms are great restorers.
  • Psalm 23
  • Psalm 31
  • Psalm 34
  • Psalm 37
  • Psalm 40
  • Psalm 46
  • Psalm 103
  • Psalm 139
  • Psalm 145

And if we pray  Psalm 51 humbly and sincerely, as David did, it will restore to us the joy of our salvation!

Jesus cried out to the crowd, "Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart" (John 7:37-38 NLT).