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Fighting the Silent Disease
What is a cancer? My definition: A cancer is something that is foreign to the place where it lives. A cancer can... (read more)

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Shift Change
My son, Kenny, was born seven weeks early. He stayed in the NICU for eight weeks. It was a long time for... (read more)

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The Gift of Praise
Our family, clad in pajamas and housecoats, sat in a semi-circle around the tree. It was early Christmas morning... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Women'

The Real Tragedy
We're back in Abilene. I'm glad to be home. Jack did extremely well during his MRI last evening. Never moved... (read more)
Learning to Tremble
You know why I think sin is so easy for me to choose — because I've forgotten to tremble. I guess if I'm really... (read more)
Sometimes we need to vent — to let off a little steam when we're irritated, wounded, disappointed, or grief-stricken... (read more)
Bombarded by Self
I realized this past week that we are bombarded by "self." It's not that I haven't known that we are a self-absorbed... (read more)
Final Destinations
Stories about the tragic plane crash in Lexington, Kentucky have filled our local newspapers the last few... (read more)
Be Like the Dumpster
I live in a town founded in the late 1800's. The downtown area is full of character. The buildings are... (read more)
Making God Laugh
One snowy morning, I left church with a simple "to do" list. It included "Go to church, go home, and relax with... (read more)
God is So Big!
It's Vacation Bible School season. A magical time of Kool-Aid and cookies, sheep made from juice boxes and... (read more)
No Jobs in Heaven?
Not long ago one of my friends told me what her job in heaven was going to be. A job in heaven, I thought... (read more)
The Talking Keypad
Since we recently had a visit to our home from, ah hum, a drug dealer, my interest in our home security... (read more)
Controlling Change or Changing Control
Wow! These last two years have been full of change for my family and me. The call for my husband to preach at... (read more)
Don't Let the Wrapper Fool You!
Grocery shopping is hard work. With so many artificial additives in food, you have to scrutinize the gobbledegook ...... (read more)
The Right Light
Decades ago, I received two very pretty, oval shaped, pink stones that had fallen from a piece of costume... (read more)
It's not an Odd Thing; It's a God Thing
I got this phrase a few days ago from my new friend, Lori. She's one of my most recent "God things." This catchy... (read more)
When you are young, she is cookies and milk after school. She is a comforting hug after a bad dream in the... (read more)
Rain Reminds Me of My Mother
Rain reminds me of my mother. She loved rain. I guess I got that from her. She was enthusiastic about most... (read more)
Run the Race
This passage from the book of Hebrews has always been one of my favorite verses. In the few-and-far-between... (read more)
Sharing Burdens
Every Sunday I sit by the same lady at church. We didn't know each other until about ten years ago when my... (read more)
Jury Duty
I had jury duty this week and was very happy that I was "excused and thanked" after one day of service.... (read more)
Drugs, Children, and the Influence of Evil
A few weeks ago our local anti-drug coalition held a meeting at our high school to educate people on the dangers of drugs. Considering how... (read more)
How Great the Father's Love!
I overheard a young mother recounting her nighttime ritual of laying her head on her pillow and asking herself, "Did I love my family enough... (read more)
Give and It Will Be Given to You
heard a report on Christian radio recently that stated while 2/3 of Christians believe that tithing is a... (read more)
Battery Life and Shining Lights
My new MP3 player goes with me everywhere: work, the gym, a walk in the neighborhood, and frequently the... (read more)
Embellishment Opportunities
I recently tackled a "do-it-yourself" project far outside of the areas of my expertise: I painted a Scripture... (read more)
Gold, Silver, or Bronze?
The Olympics are well underway. Newspapers and other media are filled with coverage of these various competitive events which are being... (read more)
Storm Peace
Years ago I heard the story of the farmhand employed by a man who lived in the city. Every evening before... (read more)
Momma Dog's Brief Vacation
We all need a break occasionally. This was painfully brought to my attention recently when I found myself snapping at my kids with the least bit... (read more)
Reflecting on the Years
"Where have the years gone?" my elderly friend asked me when I visited her at the nursing home recently... (read more)
A Piece of My Heart
I am the mother of five children. Each time one of them was born, I gave them a piece of my heart. How do I know? Because when they started... (read more)

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