For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey him and the power to do what pleases him. (Philippians 2:13 NLT ed. 1)

I got this phrase a few days ago from my new friend, Lori. She's one of my most recent "God things." This catchy, yet very profound title perfectly sums up the last 5 years of my life and the faithbuilders ministry we are so blessed to be a part of.

God continues to reveal to us that nothing in our lives can be defined as "odd things." God is either in control or He's not. God is either the creator of the world (Genesis 1:1), the King of Kings (Revelation 17:14), the Abba Father (Mark 14:36), the Great I Am (Exodus 3:14), or He's not. All the days ordained for us are either written in His book before a single one has passed (Psalms 139:16), or they're not. Everything in our lives is "odd" or everything in our lives is "God."

Why do we think we can pick and choose as we see fit? I have to tell you though, that I would not have recognized this powerful truth and that my life is full of "God things," if it weren't for a huge blessing and gift in my life. Journaling is why, without a doubt, I can shout with joy from the mountaintop — and the valley — that nothing in our lives is an odd thing! Journaling is why I can trust God even more than I did yesterday. Journaling is why I can recall and remember God's sovereignty yesterday and look in anticipation for it today. Journaling is how I've learned to understand the meaning of wait, trust, love and patience. Journaling is how I can look back and know that the day-to-day occurrences are not odd, but are in fact GOD!

Will you join me in just recalling the last year of your life? Think about all God has done for you, how He has blessed you, and all the ways He has protected you. Can you remember from the past year everything that He has ordained in your life — the people, the conversations, encouragement, prayers and yes, even hurts and disappointments. Think with me about what your eyes have seen just on a daily basis — the wind and rain and a new sunrise everyday, the flowers, birds, trees and grass; all of these things are God things! Think in the last 12 months about life and death and how every moment that we breathe on this earth is a gift to be used to glorify the one who made us, who loves us. None of these things happen or will ever happen without God knowing and ultimately being part of His will on this earth. Either He's God (Jeremiah 6:6-17), or He's not.

I look back, and thank God from the bottom of my heart that I have my "God things" or as we also call them, "God moments" written down. Because my memory fails between the office and my kitchen (officially 4 feet), it's only fitting (and quite humorous) that God would call an ex-math teacher and non-writer to a life and ministry of journaling. God is funny isn't He? His timing and His sovereignty are always perfect though and that's just one more thing to add to the pages of "God things!"

As I flip through the pages in my journals, I'm brought back to experiences and people in the past year that have impacted my journey more than I could ever imagine. My journals are the real life blessings, prayers, notes from bible studies and worship, devotionals, things my children have said and so many more things "that my eyes have seen" (Deuteronomy 4:9) that bring me to my knees in humbleness and praise for my God who loves us so much.

He has given us the gift of words.
I've learned through journaling that God loves you and me enough to speak to us every day! I have a designated part of my journals where I write down when I hear God speak, through his Word, or songs, or books or people. These "God things," that before I would've thought as simply "odd," have grown my faith the most. The intimate conversations that happen between my God and me because he has repeatedly asked me to be still and listen to Him speak are now permanently recorded so I will never forget how much He loves me and desires a personal relationship with me. He longs for all of us to be still and listen for His voice. He longs for two-way conversations with all his children! This is ultimately what the pages of my journals have captured, my two-way conversations with my Heavenly Father, and the journey he has invited me to share with him.

If you want to see your odd things for what they really are, "God things" — blessings God has given you, challenges He allowed you to face to grow you closer to Him, prayers He has answered and the ones you might still be waiting on, then try writing them down — try journaling. With your written words you can praise and thank Him, you can cry out to him, and yes, even share your anger and confusion with Him. He's your Father and He knows you will question His will as we all sometimes do but He longs to be intimate with you in every way! When you take the time to write down your "God things" you will get to see His promises and His love and His will for your life unfold right before your eyes in the pages of your journals.

God has given us a powerful way to begin to understand how awesome He really is in our everyday lives. He has given us the gift of words, and when we choose to write them down, he uses those tangible words to open our eyes to just how big he really is. We get a glimpse of the "I AM" who loves us unconditionally and who possesses a power we will never be able to grasp in our human flesh.

Journaling allows us to see the fingerprints of God all over our lives and the lives of the people he has so graciously given to us to love and to share in this journey. The power will start with writing your "God things" down, but it will grow even stronger when you go back and re-read the pages and remember. You will be amazed at how page after page of the evidence of God in your life will grow your faith! It's only as our faith grows that we can begin to bestow on our Father the honor and praise he so richly deserves. It's only as our faith grows that we can start to understand that "It's not an Odd thing; it's a God thing!"