So what will heaven be like? Most of what we have are descriptions making it sound glorious ... but the descriptions are clearly overly-simplistic. We can't get our finite, mortal brains wrapped around God's infinite and immortal plans for us. It's like plugging in a 110 volt appliance in a 220 plug — it can't take it. So with a little lighthearted glee, let this little story entice you to dream of what our home with God will be like.

And there will be no more night; they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever (Revelation 22:5 NLT).

Not long ago one of my friends told me what her job in heaven was going to be.

A job in heaven, I thought! We have to work in heaven?! For years now I've been looking forward to heaven and all its perfection. I'm not sure that perfection should involve a job.

Singing praises doesn't sound like a job.

Flying on new angel wings doesn't sound like a job.

How am I going to have a job on the Beach?
Walking with God in the Garden doesn't sound at all like a job!

Years ago I gave up on the "mansion" idea — too much to clean. I've long looked forward to my hut on the Heavenly Beach. It's going to have a hammock, but we won't need any sun block. The light will be the Son and the sand will permanently be outside.

But, how am I going to have a job on the Beach that's not really a job?

I've decided. I'll be the gal with the beach chairs and umbrellas. There will be swimsuits — remember, no lust or sin in heaven — all of them in the perfect size (for all our perfect bodies) and lots of water bottles filled with water from the River of Life. I'll make sure everyone is happy — that will be the easiest job of all! Feel free to join me there — I look forward to meeting all of you and passing you your own yellow polka dot swimsuit!

Oh, yeah, my friend. She says she is going to breast feed all the heavenly babies. She misses it now that her girls are grown!

Denise is part of The Coffee Group.