Since we recently had a visit to our home from, ah hum, a drug dealer, my interest in our home security has become a priority. We have a system but it is old and does not perform properly. I received a flyer in the mail that seemed to offer a good system with a reasonable monitoring fee.

I called the company and set up an appointment.

The salesman and his assistant arrived promptly at my home. They had their sales pitch down to a science. He was trying to sell me the latest equipment. He says, "Well, I have a keypad that will talk to you." I laughed out loud. He had aroused my interest. I asked him, "Well, what does it say?" I went on to say, "If it tells me in the morning, 'Hello good looking!' then I might pay the extra amount."

I don't think he was amused. However, he pursued the matter. He said, "The keypad will beep if someone opens a door. But, if you are lazy, you can get the talking one that will tell you that the door is open."

I jokingly said, "Oh, now you are saying I am lazy. I don't think it is a good incentive to pay an additional amount of money for that feature. Do you?"

Poor man ... he kept putting his foot in his mouth. I could relate. I know the taste of shoe leather quite well.

Bless his heart; I think he was kind of "bumfuzzled" by the end of our meeting. He was unaware that God had used him to give medicine to my soul. "A joyful heart is good medicine" (Proverbs 17:22 NAS). That's my God. He is always raining down blessings. He always has ways and means to send me little bubbles of joy!

He made this old heart glad.

Lord, how I thank you for the gift of laughter. You can take a serious matter and allow me to find humor in it. I needed to laugh out loud today. You are always raining down your grace upon me. I thank you God for the talking keypad. Bless that salesman, Lord. He made this old heart glad.