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January 2019

Jan. 1stPerhaps God brings us to the end of our resources....Neil Anderson
Jan. 2ndAgainst the backdrop of people who avoid work, cut...Dr. David Jeremiah
Jan. 3rdChristians are supposed to not merely endure...Henry Emerson Fosdick
Jan. 4thWe love the Lord, of course, but we often wonder.....Ed Howe
Jan. 5thNo rock is so hard but that a little wave may beat...Lord Tennyson Alfred
Jan. 6thIf I find in myself a desire which no experience.....C. S. Lewis
Jan. 7thFaith is a living, daring confidence in God's...Martin Luther
Jan. 8thTolerance isn't about not having beliefs. It's...Timothy Keller
Jan. 9thPatience and perseverance have a magical effect...John Quincy Adams
Jan. 10thOur ground of hope is that God does not weary of.....Ralph W. Sockman
Jan. 11thBrotherhood doesn't come in a package. It is not a...Oveta Culp Hobby
Jan. 12thIn the most lopsided deal of all time, Jesus took....Paul C. Brownlow
Jan. 13thRemember who you are. Don’t compromise for anyone,...Lysa Terkeurst
Jan. 14thGod is, and all is well.John Greenleaf Whittier
Jan. 15thVictory is the place where our breaking point...L. Burt
Jan. 16thI often wonder if my knowledge about God has not.....Henri Nouwen
Jan. 17thAll but God is changing day by day.Charles Kingsley
Jan. 18thThe lowest station in the Lord's house is better.....Charles H. Spurgeon
Jan. 19thHave no fear for the unsettlement or the...Joseph Parker
Jan. 20thIt is a vain thought to flee from the work that...George Eliot
Jan. 21stChristianity can never come to us as a bargain; it...William L. Krutza
Jan. 22ndIf God would concede to me His omnipotence for...J.M.L. Monsabre
Jan. 23rdIt were better to have no opinion of God at all...Plutarch
Jan. 24thWherever there is any element of pride or of...Oswald Chambers
Jan. 25thThe great thing to remember is that, though our...C. S. Lewis
Jan. 26thThere is a time to let things happen and a time to...Hugh Prather
Jan. 27thThe human race is divided into two classes —...Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Jan. 28thThe Christian's hope for the future must have a...D. Edmond Hiebert
Jan. 29thA crushing hurt comes to our heart and the...Beth Moore
Jan. 30thIt's no good to sit up and take notice if we just....Author Unknown
Jan. 31stTo God, our journey is as important as our...Beth Moore

February 2019

Feb. 1stGod's preparation for greatness in His Kingdom is....Os Hillman
Feb. 2ndWhen we travel life's roads with those we love,...Mary Prince
Feb. 3rdThe really important thing in life is not the...Paul Tournier
Feb. 4thEvery person born in this world represents...Martin Buber
Feb. 5thWe forfeit three-fourths of ourselves to be like.....Arthur Schopenhauer
Feb. 6thTrue faith is never found alone; it is accompanied...C. S. Lewis
Feb. 7thThis is a wise, sane Christian faith: that a man.....George MacDonald
Feb. 8thFaith in faith is faith astray.A. W. Tozer
Feb. 9thYou will never stand alone while standing on the.....Kathryn Souza-Wine
Feb. 10thGod does not ask your ability or your inability......Mary Kay Ashe
Feb. 11thThe greatest of all visions is to see Christ,...MacRina Wiederkehr
Feb. 12thThe question we must ask our heart is, "Am I...MacRina Wiederkehr
Feb. 13thThere is nothing so healing in all the world as...MacRina Wiederkehr
Feb. 14thWhate'er we leave to God, God does and blesses us.Henry David Thoreau
Feb. 15thHope is the word which God has written on the brow...Victor Hugo
Feb. 16thOur hope in God pulls us into the future. Hope...Mary Lou Redding
Feb. 17thWithout the aid of the divine, man cannot walk...Chinese Proverb
Feb. 18thThe good neighbor looks beyond the external...Martin Luther King, Jr.
Feb. 19thThere is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that...Rumer Godden
Feb. 20thGrace isn't a little prayer you chant before...Jackie Windspear
Feb. 21stEverybody can be great...You only need a heart...Martin Luther King, Jr.
Feb. 22ndObedience, pure and simple, opens up a pathway for...David Stevens
Feb. 23rdAn unguarded strength is a double weakness.Gordon McDonald
Feb. 24thCompassion will cure more sins than condemnation.Henry Ward Beecher
Feb. 25thHappiness depends on happenings, but joy depends.....Life Application Bible
Feb. 26thWorship lifts us up to see the problems and...Tenny
Feb. 27thNothing is too great and nothing is too small to.....A. W. Pink
Feb. 28thNo man is ever more than four steps from God:...Roy L. Smith

March 2019

Mar. 1stWe exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of....John Piper
Mar. 2ndWe never know when our disappointment will be His....Charles Swindoll
Mar. 3rdSome Christians haven't even attempted to think...DC Talk
Mar. 4thGod is most glorified in us when we are most...John Piper
Mar. 5thDon't tell them that Jesus loves them until you're...Author Unknown
Mar. 6thA wise man seeks much counsel...a fool listens to....Larry Burkett
Mar. 7thTake comfort, and recollect however little you and...Charles Kingsley
Mar. 8thI would rather walk with God in the dark than go.....Mary Gardiner Brainard
Mar. 9thGod will be the covenant God of his people world.....Charles H. Spurgeon
Mar. 10thEarth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush...Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Mar. 11thLive to please God, and He will breathe on thee...F. B. Meyer
Mar. 12thAll we want in Christ, we shall find in Christ. If...Henry Benjamin Whipple
Mar. 13thIt is not guided missles, but guided morals, that....George W. Ford
Mar. 14thA Christian must keep the faith, but not to...Jim Patrick
Mar. 15thGod always gives His best to those who leave the.....Jim Elliot
Mar. 16thMoney is a very excellent servant, but a terrible....P. T. Barnum
Mar. 17thIf you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just...Mother Teresa
Mar. 18thA day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel.Author Unknown
Mar. 19thMorality may keep you out of jail, but it takes...Charles H. Spurgeon
Mar. 20thHe who provides for this life, but takes no care.....Tillotson
Mar. 21stThrough a tree we were made debtors to God; so...Irenaeus
Mar. 22ndHold on. Hope hard.Robert Browning
Mar. 23rdOur faith should be our steering wheel, not our...C. L. Wheeler
Mar. 24thIf God be your partner, make your plans large.Dwight L. Moody
Mar. 25thThe greatest act of faith is when man decides he.....Oliver Wendell Holmes
Mar. 26thGod has a history of using the insignificant to...Richard Exley
Mar. 27thDepend on it, God's work done in God's way will...J. Hudson Taylor
Mar. 28thA skeptic is a person who, when he sees the...Morris Bender
Mar. 29thFor peace of mind, resign as general manager of...Larry Eisenberg
Mar. 30thI make it a rule of Christian duty never to go to....John Newton
Mar. 31stGuilt is concerned with the past. Worry is...Author Unknown

April 2019

Apr. 1stBeing at peace with yourself is a direct result of...Olin Miller
Apr. 2ndJesus can turn water into wine, but He can't turn....Mark Steele
Apr. 3rdDeath is not a period but a comma in the story of....Amos J. Farver
Apr. 4thPray as if everything depended on God, and work as...Francis J. Spellman
Apr. 5thWhenever a man is ready to uncover his sins, God.....Author Unknown
Apr. 6thIt's not your outlook but your "uplook" that...John Mason
Apr. 7thTo know the will of God is the greatest knowledge,...Author Unknown
Apr. 8thFaith doesn't make anything happen - faith rests.....Malcolm Smith
Apr. 9thHowever high be your endeavors, unless you...John of the Cross
Apr. 10thI’ve discovered an astonishing truth: God is...Jim Cymbala
Apr. 11thWe ought not to be weary of doing little things...Brother Lawrence
Apr. 12thDo not be too quick to condemn the man who no...Thomas Merton
Apr. 13thBe able to be alone. Lose not the advantage of...Sir Thomas Browne
Apr. 14thWhoever strives to withdraw from obedience,...Thomas à Kempis
Apr. 15thAccustom yourself gradually to carry Prayer into.....François Fénelon
Apr. 16thFor I seek not to understand in order that I may.....Anselm of Canterbury
Apr. 17thCome all crosses, welcome, welcome! so I may get.....Samuel Rutherford
Apr. 18thNails were not enough to hold God-and-man nailed.....Catherine of Siena
Apr. 19thWhen Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross, it....Oswald Chambers
Apr. 20thThe joyful news that He is risen does not change.....Henry Knox Sherrill
Apr. 21stFaith is the acknowledgment of the entire absence....Horatius Bonar
Apr. 22ndFaith, mighty faith the promise sees|And rests on....Charles Wesley
Apr. 23rdNone can sing a new song who has not the new life....Evan H. Hopkins
Apr. 24thIf you believe what you like in the gospel, and...St. Augustine of Hippo
Apr. 25thJust as at sea those who are carried away from the...St. Gregory of Nyssa
Apr. 26thIf sinners be dammed, at least let them leap to...Charles H. Spurgeon
Apr. 27thNot only do we not know God except through Jesus.....Blaise Pascal
Apr. 28thTo the good man to die is gain. The foolish fear.....St. Ambrose
Apr. 29thLive in the world as if only God and your soul...John of the Cross
Apr. 30thRelying on God has to start all over everyday, as....C. S. Lewis

May 2019

May. 1stI know the power obedience has of making things...Teresa of Avila
May. 2ndThe greater your knowledge of the goodness and...Matt Chandler
May. 3rdWithout God man has no reference point to define.....R. C. Sproul
May. 4thIt is a shame for a person to have been a...Theodore Epp
May. 5thWe must adjust to changing times and still hold to...Jimmy Carter
May. 6thSalt, when dissolved in water, may disappear, but....Sadhu Sundar Singh
May. 7thAt his ascension our Lord entered heaven, and he.....Oswald Chambers
May. 8thThe only saving faith is that which casts itself.....Martin Luther
May. 9thThere remains for us only the very narrow way,...Dietrich Bonhoeffer
May. 10thWorry gives a small thing a big shadow.Swedish Proverb
May. 11thIf thou art willing to suffer no adversity, how...Thomas à Kempis
May. 12thSatan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon...William Cowper
May. 13thGod will either give you what you ask, or...Robert Murray M'Cheyne
May. 14thA memory of yesterday's pleasures, a fear of...John Donne
May. 15thThe will of God will not take us where the grace.....Billy Graham
May. 16thIf I could hear Christ praying for me in the next....Robert Murray M'Cheyne
May. 17thFaith is to the soul what life is to the body....J. C. Ryle
May. 18thWho is there that ever receives a gift and tries.....Alphonsus Liguori
May. 19thIt is not that we keep His commandments first, and...St. Augustine of Hippo
May. 20thIt is one thing to fear God as threatening, with a...John Owen
May. 21stThe childish idea that prayer is a handle by which...Robert L. Short
May. 22ndThe Christian shoemaker does his duty not by...Martin Luther
May. 23rdTo make the improving of our own character our...Lesslie Newbigin
May. 24thThe Holy Scriptures are our letters from home.St. Augustine of Hippo
May. 25thChristianity is a religion which concerns us as we...Evelyn Underhill
May. 26thIf indeed there had been anything better and more....Thomas à Kempis
May. 27thNow the great thing is this: we are consecrated...John Calvin
May. 28thFrom time immemorial men have quenched their...Sadhu Sundar Singh
May. 29thKnowledge of God can be fully given to man only in...William Temple
May. 30thGod gave us faculties for our use; each of them...Teresa of Avila
May. 31stWe must always speak of the efficacy of the...John Calvin

June 2019

Jun. 1stOnce in seven years I burn all my sermons; for it....John Wesley
Jun. 2ndIt is a poor thing to strike our colours to God...C. S. Lewis
Jun. 3rdWhen you face the perils of weariness,...Luis Palau
Jun. 4thIt is quite possible to perform very ordinary...Jean N. Grou
Jun. 5thThe unbelieving mind would not be convinced by any...A. W. Tozer
Jun. 6thThe Gospels do not explain the Resurrection...John S. Whale
Jun. 7thGod's grace and mercy have brought you through. .....T. D. Jakes
Jun. 8thChrist came, not so much to preach the Gospel, as....R. W. Dale
Jun. 9thHumility is the root, mother, nurse, foundation,.....St. John Chrysostom
Jun. 10thThere are... few stronger indications of ignorance...Charles Hedge
Jun. 11thIt's bad when you fail morally. It's worse when...Luis Palau
Jun. 12thThat wisdom which cannot teach me that God is...John Owen
Jun. 13thPeople talk about special providences. I believe.....George MacDonald
Jun. 14thA man may carry the whole scheme of Christian...J. G. Holland
Jun. 15thFrom my many years experience I can unhesitatingly...Sadhu Sundar Singh
Jun. 16thThe union of a sect within itself is a pitiful...Joseph Glanvill
Jun. 17thHe that begins by loving Christianity better than....Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Jun. 18thThe desire for unity has haunted me all my life...F. D. Maurice
Jun. 19thHave you stopped seeing great things happen in...Luis Palau
Jun. 20thChristians are like the flowers in a garden, that....John Bunyan
Jun. 21stChrist is the master; the Scriptures are only the....Martin Luther
Jun. 22ndThe discussion of prayer is so great that it...Origen
Jun. 23rdJesus is our mouth, through which we speak to the....St. Ambrose
Jun. 24thPrayer is a wine which makes glad the heart of...Bernard of Clairvaux
Jun. 25thThe primary object of prayer is to know God...Florence Allshorn
Jun. 26thA man who prays without ceasing, if he achieves...Dorotheus of Gaza
Jun. 27thThe Elements of Prayer|Its ground: God, by whose.....Julian of Norwich
Jun. 28thI have so much to do (today) that I should spend.....Martin Luther
Jun. 29thA science which does not bring us nearer to God is...Simone Weil
Jun. 30th[Christians], at their best, know that often they....Howard A. Johnson

July 2019

Jul. 1stThe purpose of religion — at any rate, the.....Frederick Ward Kates
Jul. 2ndChristianity does not consist in any partial...William Law
Jul. 3rdIt is a great mystery of divine love, that not...St. Ambrose
Jul. 4thAs in our daily walk we come nearer towards...Edward B. Pusey
Jul. 5thThe valley of the shadow of death holds no...Dwight L. Moody
Jul. 6thGod, as we know Him, is a gift to us from Christ.A. J. Gossip
Jul. 7thWe admit no faith to be justifying, which is not.....John Owen
Jul. 8thGod meets me everywhere, or I never meet Him. If I...M. A. C. Warren
Jul. 9thWealth and riches, that is, an estate above what.....John Tillotson
Jul. 10thWe find not in the Gospel, that Christ hath...Roger Williams
Jul. 11thThe overwhelming recognition of human sin controls...Sir Edwyn Hoskyns
Jul. 12thA Christian man is most free lord of all, and...Martin Luther
Jul. 13thIf man is not made for God, why is he not happy...Blaise Pascal
Jul. 14thIf faith is the gaze of the heart at God, and if.....A. W. Tozer
Jul. 15thWe must not be unjust and require from ourselves.....François de Sales
Jul. 16thOutward as well as inward morality helps to form.....Meister Eckhart
Jul. 17thApostolic preaching is not marked by its beautiful...Arthur Wallis
Jul. 18thTo be always relevant, you have to say things...Simone Weil
Jul. 19thTheologians have felt no hesitation in founding a....Walter Rauschenbusch
Jul. 20thNobody seriously believes the universe was made by...John Calvin
Jul. 21stYour heart is not the compass that God steers by.Samuel Rutherford
Jul. 22ndChristianity is a battle, not a dream.Wendell Phillips
Jul. 23rdToo many of us have a Christian vocabulary rather....Charles F. Banning
Jul. 24thTo take up the cross of Christ is no great action....John Henry Newman
Jul. 25thThou knowest well how to excuse and color thine...Thomas à Kempis
Jul. 26thThe Church on earth is a cross-eyed church, with.....David Head
Jul. 27thThere is a joy which is not given to the ungodly,....St. Augustine of Hippo
Jul. 28thStudy always to have Joy, for it befits not the...Francis of Assisi
Jul. 29thWe see in the risen Christ the end for which man.....Brooke Foss Wescott
Jul. 30thWe profess that we know God, but by works we deny....Sir Walter Raleigh
Jul. 31stThe blessed and inviting truth is that God is the....A. W. Tozer

August 2019

Aug. 1stA Christian cannot help being free, because in the...Lyof N. Tolstoy
Aug. 2ndIt was not by dialectic that it pleased God to...St. Ambrose
Aug. 3rdWe say, and we say openly, and while ye torture...Tertullian
Aug. 4thIt is to no purpose to boast of Christ, if we have...John Owen
Aug. 5thGod has promised forgiveness to your repentance,.....St. Augustine of Hippo
Aug. 6thNever let us be discouraged with ourselves; it is....François Fénelon
Aug. 7thLiving for others, commitment to God's redeeming.....Richard S. Emrich
Aug. 8thDo not desire crosses, unless you have borne well....François de Sales
Aug. 9thGod tolerates even our stammering, and pardons our...John Calvin
Aug. 10thOther sins find their vent in the accomplishment.....St. Augustine of Hippo
Aug. 11thHe does not believe, that does not live according....Thomas Fuller
Aug. 12thIt is through dying to concern for self that we...Glenn Olds
Aug. 13thThe loving service which God sends His people into...John R. W. Stott
Aug. 14thI am not what I ought to be. I am not what I want....John Newton
Aug. 15thWe implore the mercy of God, not that He may leave...Blaise Pascal
Aug. 16thThe chief pang of most trials is not so much the.....Jean Nicolas Grou
Aug. 17thGod is not a power or principle or law, but he is....Robert Hamill
Aug. 18thGod is not disillusioned with us. He never had any...Luis Palau
Aug. 19thSteadfastness in believing doth not exclude all...John Owen
Aug. 20thPurity of heart and simplicity are of great force....St. Gregory the Great
Aug. 21stHe said: that it was a Great delusion to think...Brother Lawrence
Aug. 22ndNext to the wicked lives of men, nothing is so...John Tillotson
Aug. 23rdGod's redemptive revelation in Scripture is...A. W. Tozer
Aug. 24thIt is impossible for a man to be a Christian...Martin Luther
Aug. 25thWe must always be on our guard lest, under the...St. Basil
Aug. 26thOne who receives this Word, and by it salvation,.....Emil Brunner
Aug. 27thIt seems to me, as time goes on, that the only...Charles H. Brent
Aug. 28thRemember: we can approach the future with...Tom Sine
Aug. 29thHe is not great who is not greatly good.William Shakespeare
Aug. 30thHow long must we wait until the fulfillment of the...Thom Lemmons
Aug. 31st[Jesus said] 'I am the resurrection and the life.....Max Lucado

September 2019

Sep. 1st[John the Baptist said] 'He must increase, but I.....Gordon McDonald
Sep. 2ndIn the Kingdom, all people will live out the life....Tony Campolo
Sep. 3rdA lie goes half way around the world before the...Winston Churchill
Sep. 4thTo be forged upon the anvil of God's purpose, to.....Thom Lemmons
Sep. 5thAny woodsman can tell you that in a broken and...Thomas Jefferson
Sep. 6thThere is not a hint of one person who was afraid.....Max Lucado
Sep. 7thThe purpose of your life is far greater than your....Rick Warren
Sep. 8thThere is a big difference between mishearing and.....Scotty Smith
Sep. 9thThere is not one marriage in today's culture that....Dr. Fred Lowery
Sep. 10thIt is not the uniqueness of 'Christianity' as a...John R. W. Stott
Sep. 11thTerror and tragedy have made us more aware of our....Condoleeza Rice
Sep. 12thIn my twenty-seventh year, while riding the metro....Adrei Bitov
Sep. 13thThe truth is, living in agreement with God will...David Edwards
Sep. 14thYou are not an accident. Your birth was no mistake...Rick Warren
Sep. 15thI'm not suggesting that we have the power to heal....Amy Nappa
Sep. 16thIn some ways, it's those of us who are most...Jim McGuiggan
Sep. 17thWe humans are a hungry lot. We are driven by a...Calvin Miller
Sep. 18thBecause the indwelling Christ resides in us, God.....David Edwards
Sep. 19thEvery happening, great and small, is a parable...Malcom Muggeridge
Sep. 20thThink of these things: whence you came, where you....Benjamin Franklin
Sep. 21stO Lord, forgive what I have been, sanctify what I....Thomas Wilson
Sep. 22ndPraising God is one of the highest and purest acts...Thomas Watson
Sep. 23rdWe are products of our past, but we don't have to....Rick Warren
Sep. 24thIf I could offer a single prescription for the...William Raspberry
Sep. 25thWhen we wake up each morning, if praise of the...Brother Roger
Sep. 26th^God is in the business of restoration, and he's.....Amy Nappa
Sep. 27thMany Bible passages (such as Luke 13:3 or Acts...Calvin Miller
Sep. 28thUnless the gospel is preached with contemporary...Martin Luther
Sep. 29thWithout a purpose, life is motion without meaning,...Rick Warren
Sep. 30thHave you been called to go out on a limb for God?....Max Lucado

October 2019

Oct. 1stPride is the utter poverty of soul disguised as...John Climacus
Oct. 2ndMan's extremity is God's opportunity.John Flavel
Oct. 3rdChristians are not men and women who are hoping...M. Lloyd-Jones
Oct. 4thWithout God, life has no purpose, and without...Rick Warren
Oct. 5thAll the graces of a Christian spring from the...Madame Guyon
Oct. 6thWe fear the search for who we are. Perhaps because...Calvin Miller
Oct. 7thTo carry a grudge is like being stung to death by....William H. Walton
Oct. 8thLet us weigh the gain and the loss, in wagering...Blaise Pascal
Oct. 9thThe gospel is so simple that simple children can.....Charles Hodge
Oct. 10thWe either add to the darkness of indifference .......Madeleine L'Engle
Oct. 11thThe Spirit breathes upon the Word,|And brings the....William Cowper
Oct. 12thThe true test of civilization is not the census,.....Ralph Waldo Emerson
Oct. 13thA bold Christian is the highest style of a man.Thomas Young
Oct. 14th^WHAT God did makes sense. It makes sense that...Max Lucado
Oct. 15thMany people spend their lives trying to create a.....Rick Warren
Oct. 16thJustice is truth in action.Joseph Joubert
Oct. 17thGratitude is the least of the virtues, but...Thomas Fuller
Oct. 18thThe statistically proven facts that married people...Dr. Fred Lowery
Oct. 19thDon't put people down, unless it's on your prayer....Stan Michalski
Oct. 20thJesus had a future dream. His dream was that one.....David Edwards
Oct. 21stIt may be true that he travels farthest who...Theodore Roosevelt
Oct. 22ndIt is possible to be so active in the service of.....P.T. Forsyth
Oct. 23rdGrace is indeed needed to turn a man into a saint,...Blaise Pascal
Oct. 24thIn the New Testament it is the work and not the...Alfred Plummer
Oct. 25thWise men are not always silent, but they know when...Author Unknown
Oct. 26thGod denies a Christian nothing, but with a design....Richard Cecil
Oct. 27thI am of certain convinced that the greatest heroes...Florence Nightingale
Oct. 28thGod's wounds cure, sin's kisses kill.William Gurnall
Oct. 29thFor you who wonder if you've played too long to...Max Lucado
Oct. 30thThe natural response to denials of Satan's...J. I. Packer
Oct. 31stSatan never sells his poisons naked — he...Charles H. Spurgeon

November 2019

Nov. 1stWhat is the Church if not the assembly of all the....Nicetas
Nov. 2ndThe world does not need more Christian writers...C. S. Lewis
Nov. 3rdNo vital Christianity is possible unless at least....Elton Trueblood
Nov. 4thWhere there is much prayer, there will be much of....Andrew Murray
Nov. 5thA passion to obey Christ is born out of our...Calvin Miller
Nov. 6thGod might want you to extend his love by offering....Amy Nappa
Nov. 7thI learned that life is not just a destination but....Wayne Holmes
Nov. 8thI have been tortured with longing to believe ........Fyodor Dostoevsky
Nov. 9thUnderstanding is the reward of faith. Therefore...St. Augustine of Hippo
Nov. 10thWhat you do when you don't have to, determines...Rudyard Kipling
Nov. 11thWhy do so many people have struggles when it comes...Gordon McDonald
Nov. 12thBe faithful in the little practices of love which....Mother Teresa
Nov. 13thI need no outer props to hold up my faith, for my....E. Stanley Jones
Nov. 14thJesus does his best work at such moments. Just...Max Lucado
Nov. 15thIf a man cannot be a Christian where he is, he...Henry Ward Beecher
Nov. 16thUnderstanding is knowing what to do; wisdom is...Tristan Gulberd
Nov. 17thOur new cultural postmodern credo for avoiding sin...Calvin Miller
Nov. 18thIn commanding us to glorify Him, God is inviting.....C. S. Lewis
Nov. 19thMake the most of the present moment. No occasion.....James Garfield
Nov. 20thFor the Christian, nothing less than the presence....Jim McGuiggan
Nov. 21stDoes God indeed need to rest? Of course not! But.....Gordon McDonald
Nov. 22ndThou who hast given so much to me, give me one...George Herbert
Nov. 23rdFrom David learn to give thanks for everything....Jeremy Taylor
Nov. 24thBack of the loaf is the snowy flour,|And back of.....Maltbie D. Babcock
Nov. 25thPride slays thanksgiving, but an humble mind is...Henry Ward Beecher
Nov. 26thLife without thankfulness is devoid of love and...John Henry Jowett
Nov. 27thI don't think the Lord wants any pompous...Burton Hills
Nov. 28thIf people only knew how they might cheer some...Dwight L. Moody
Nov. 29thThose of us who are most familiar with the...Jim McGuiggan
Nov. 30thGod builds his kingdom primarily through ordinary....Anthony Campolo

December 2019

Dec. 1st"The Word became flesh," John said ... He was...Max Lucado
Dec. 2nd[King] David certainly was aware that his lust for...Calvin Miller
Dec. 3rdA man leaves all kinds of footprints when he walks...Margaret Lee Runbeck
Dec. 4thThe ministry of the Spirit of God strengthens us,....David Edwards
Dec. 5thWhy is purity such a struggle? Why is it so...David Edwards
Dec. 6thWhat he's been creating, since the first beat of.....Steven Curtis Chapman
Dec. 7thAnd I smiled to think God's greatness flowed round...Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Dec. 8thThe ultimate proof of total forgiveness takes...R. T. Kendall
Dec. 9thReal encouragement occurs when words are spoken...Larry Crabb
Dec. 10thYou know how it is — you say the same words,...Amy Nappa
Dec. 11thI try to give to the poor people for love what the...Mother Teresa
Dec. 12thWhen purity is reduced to legalism, our hearts are...David Edwards
Dec. 13thI invite you to reach out in love to a needy child...Patty Anglin
Dec. 14thFunerals, divorces, illnesses, and stays in the...Max Lucado
Dec. 15thHow many people stop because so few say go?Charles Swindoll
Dec. 16thSome men have thousands of reasons why they cannot...Willis Whitney
Dec. 17thRemember there's no such thing as a small act of.....Scott Adams
Dec. 18thGod's touch in our lives is kind ... Romans 2:4...Amy Nappa
Dec. 19thFaith is unutterable trust in God, trust which...Oswald Chambers
Dec. 20thThe historical facts around Christ's life are both...Calvin Miller
Dec. 21stYour children are not the same. Not at all. Each.....Bob Benson
Dec. 22ndAll effective fathers learn the importance of a...Gordon McDonald
Dec. 23rdWhen you carry out acts of kindness, you get a...Rabbi Harold Kushner
Dec. 24th[Jesus] left because of you. He laid his security....Max Lucado
Dec. 25thThen the Grinch thought of something he hadn't...Dr. Suess
Dec. 26thMany things I have tried to grasp, and have lost.....Martin Luther
Dec. 27thThe most extraordinary thing in the world is an...G. K. Chesterton
Dec. 28thA billion here, a billion there; the first thing.....Everett Dirksen
Dec. 29thThe next time you find yourself alone in a dark...Max Lucado
Dec. 30thThe future is purchased at the price of vision in....Samuel Johnson
Dec. 31stWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are...Ralph Waldo Emerson

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