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January 2022

Jan. 1stTime has no divisions to mark its passage, there.....Thomas Mann
Jan. 2ndYesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is....Lyndon B. Johnson
Jan. 3rdBetween two evils, choose neither; between two...Tryon Edwards
Jan. 4thLive as though Christ died yesterday, rose from...Theodore Epp
Jan. 5thResolved, never to do anything, which I should be....Jonathon Edwards
Jan. 6thYou don't need to see the way if you follow the...Author Unknown
Jan. 7thThere's nothing like a good crisis to increase my....Anne Christian Buchanan
Jan. 8thI have had prayers answered — most strangely...Lewis Carroll
Jan. 9thThere are thoughts which are prayers. There are...Victor Hugo
Jan. 10thTruth indeed rather alleviates than hurts, and...Miguel de Cervantes
Jan. 11thThere was no "before" the beginning of our...John D. Barrow
Jan. 12thWe should live our lives as though Christ was...Jimmy Carter
Jan. 13thWhy do you hasten to remove anything which hurts.....Horace
Jan. 14thGod does not waste an ounce of our pain or a drop....Frank Peretti
Jan. 15thThere are only two kinds of people in the end:...C. S. Lewis
Jan. 16thPrayers never fall on deaf ears.Author Unknown
Jan. 17thYou'll never realize Jesus is all you need until.....Mother Teresa
Jan. 18thThe most glorious promises of God are generally...C. H. von Bogatzy
Jan. 19thGratitude is the most fruitful way of deepening...Henri Nouwen
Jan. 20thThe people of God are not merely to mark time,...Philip Yancey
Jan. 21stWhen life caves in, you do not need reasons...Bob Benson
Jan. 22ndThe voices of the world are loud and sparse, but.....Benjamin J. Elger
Jan. 23rdWe can do nothing, we say sometimes, we can only.....A. J. Gossip
Jan. 24thIf your heart takes more pleasure in reading...Keith Green
Jan. 25thOur religious activities should be ordered in such...A. W. Tozer
Jan. 26thTo love God is the greatest of virtues; to be...Portuguese Proverb
Jan. 27thThe Christian life isn't difficult — it is.....Joseph Garlingen
Jan. 28thDon't trust to hold God's hand; let Him hold...Hammer William Webb-Peploe
Jan. 29thGod's gift to us is who we are and our gift to God...Author Unknown
Jan. 30thI would not give one moment of heaven for all the....Martin Luther
Jan. 31stIf the mind of God as discovered to us in His word...John Bate

February 2022

Feb. 1stLife passes, riches fly away, popularity is...John Henry Newman
Feb. 2ndSatan's number one weapon is pride. God's number.....Larry Burkett
Feb. 3rdThe man who is not sanctified to the extent of...Burton Coffman
Feb. 4thI believe in God, and I believe in human decency. ...Vince Lombardi
Feb. 5thIf you want to learn to love better, you should...Nikka, age 6
Feb. 6thKnow this: though love is weak and hate is strong,...Kenneth Boulding
Feb. 7thThere are two ways to get enough: one is to...G. K. Chesterton
Feb. 8thThe test of love is in how one relates not to...Abraham Joshua Heschel
Feb. 9thLove a man, even in his sin, for that love is a...Fyodor Dostoevsky
Feb. 10thThe love we have in our youth is superficial...Will Durant
Feb. 11thThe art of love... is largely the art of...Albert Ellis
Feb. 12thLove is not affectionate feeling, but a steady...C. S. Lewis
Feb. 13thLove doesn't make the world go round. Love is what...Franklin P. Jones
Feb. 14thLove doesn't just sit there like a stone, it has.....Ursula K. LeGuin
Feb. 15thI have learned that what we have done for...Author Unknown
Feb. 16thHate destroys the vessel it's kept in.Author Unknown
Feb. 17thThe essence of temptation is the invitation to...Neil Anderson
Feb. 18thIt is the acknowledgment of our humanity and our.....Os Hillman
Feb. 19thDear Lord, either quiet the waves or lift me above...Mary Crowley
Feb. 20thGod answers all knee mails.Author Unknown
Feb. 21stTo love is to be vulnerable.C.S. Lewis
Feb. 22ndGod has wisely kept us in the dark concerning...Matthew Henry
Feb. 23rdAnd what kind of habitation pleases God? What must...A. W. Tozer
Feb. 24thI believe there is nothing lovelier, deeper, more....Fyodor Dostoevsky
Feb. 25thGod can change our circumstances, but sometimes He...Anne Graham Lotz
Feb. 26thDon't be afraid for tomorrow. God is already...Ethel Löfgren
Feb. 27thThings and persons appear to us according to the.....Laura Ingalls Wilder
Feb. 28thOne of Satan's ploys to retard spiritual...John MacArthur

March 2022

Mar. 1stNever be afraid to trust an unknown future to a...Corrie ten Boom
Mar. 2ndGod writes straight with crooked lines.Spanish Proverb
Mar. 3rdGod's promises are like the stars: the darker the....David Nicholas
Mar. 4thThere is only one relationship that matters, and.....Oswald Chambers
Mar. 5thOne of the ways that our faith expresses itself is...Tim Hansel
Mar. 6thGod does not discipline us to subdue us, but to...Billy Graham
Mar. 7thHappiness is natural; joy is spiritual.Kenny Martin
Mar. 8thWithout the work of the cross we would be quite...Tom Marshall
Mar. 9thThe best things are nearest: breath in your...Robert Louis Stevenson
Mar. 10thThe Bible is like a telescope. If a man looks...Phillips Brooks
Mar. 11thThere is not a heart but has its moments of...Henry Ward Beecher
Mar. 12thThe Jews would not willingly tread upon the...S. T. Coleridge
Mar. 13thForgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a...Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mar. 14thIt is impossible for that man to despair who...Jeremy Taylor
Mar. 15thNever undertake anything for which you wouldn't...G. C. Lichtenberg
Mar. 16thFaith says not, 'I see that it is good for me, so....Phillips Brooks
Mar. 17thWe need to find God, and he cannot be found in...Mother Teresa
Mar. 18thHe is most glorified in us when we are most...John Piper
Mar. 19thDo all the good you can,|By all the means you...John Wesley
Mar. 20thThe seven social sins: politics without principle,...Frederick Lewis Donaldson
Mar. 21stGod, who needs nothing, loves into existence...C. S. Lewis
Mar. 22ndThe real problem is in the hearts and minds of...Albert Einstein
Mar. 23rdNeither genius, fame, nor love show the greatness....Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
Mar. 24thWe can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;....Plato
Mar. 25thWhatever man loves, that is his god. For he...Martin Luther
Mar. 26thHypocrites in the Church? Yes, and in the lodge...Billy Sunday
Mar. 27thI have read Plato and Cicero sayings that are very...St. Augustine of Hippo
Mar. 28thWe are no more responsible for the evil thoughts.....John Churtom Collins
Mar. 29thNor can a man with grace his soul inspire, More...John Bunyan
Mar. 30thPray hardest when it is hardest to pray.Bishop Charles H. Brent
Mar. 31stThe vine dresser is never nearer the vine than...Anonymous

April 2022

Apr. 1stDo not pray for easy lives; pray to be stronger...Phillips Brooks
Apr. 2ndWhen our lives are focused on God, awe and wonder....James Houston
Apr. 3rdNever, never pin your whole faith on any human...C. S. Lewis
Apr. 4thA God who let us prove his existence would be an.....Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Apr. 5thWe all want progress, but if you're on the wrong.....C. S. Lewis
Apr. 6thIn any museum we will find quite ordinary things -...William Barclay
Apr. 7thWhen you come to the end of all the light you...Edward Teller
Apr. 8thThe Christian has a great advantage over other...C. S. Lewis
Apr. 9thConcepts create idols, only wonder grasps...Gregory of Nyssa
Apr. 10thIf you find God with ease, perhaps it is not God.....Thomas Merton
Apr. 11thWithout somehow destroying me in the process, how....John Irving
Apr. 12thWhen we get our spiritual house in order, we'll be...Flannery O'Connor
Apr. 13thIt is not as a child that I believe and confess...Fyodor Dostoevsky
Apr. 14thIf knowing answers to life's questions is...Madame Jeanne Guyon
Apr. 15thThere is a Moment in each Day that Satan cannot...William Blake
Apr. 16thGod gives us just enough to seek him, and never...Ron Hansen
Apr. 17thIt is not the objective proof of God's existence.....Frederick Buechner
Apr. 18thLife offers many choices. Eternity offers only...Author Unknown
Apr. 19thGod is more disposed to move on an admitted...Tommy Tenny
Apr. 20thFaith is believing in advance what can only be...Chuck Swindoll
Apr. 21stI tell you, if you are serious about wanting to be...Francis Frangipane
Apr. 22ndOh forgive us Lord, for so often we seek the...Author Unknown
Apr. 23rdKeep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see....Helen Keller
Apr. 24thA Christian is a keyhole through which other folk....Robert E. Gibson
Apr. 25thWe are because He is.Ron Donaldson
Apr. 26thThere is never any peace for those who resist God.François Fénelon
Apr. 27thIt is easy to want things from the Lord and yet...St. Augustine of Hippo
Apr. 28thCure yourself of the condition of bothering about....Miguel de Unamuno
Apr. 29thAll worry is atheism, because it is want of trust...Bishop Fulton Sheen
Apr. 30thThe heart is rich when it is content, and it is...Miguel Cordero-Munoz

May 2022

May. 1stPrayer is an end to isolation. It is living our.....Georges Lefevre
May. 2ndGod does not waste suffering; if he ploughs it is....J.O.Sanders
May. 3rdThe little troubles and worries of life may be as....Henry Ward Beecher
May. 4thGod never promises to remove us from our...Max Lucado
May. 5thPrayer wonderfully clears the vision; steadies the...S. D. Gordon
May. 6thWe all need love, but we need it most when we...Barbara Rosberg
May. 7thZeal without knowledge is fire without light.Thomas Fuller
May. 8thIf we would talk less and pray more about them,...John Owen
May. 9thIf ever I reach heaven I expect to find three...John Newton
May. 10thOnly he who flings himself upward when the pull...Charles H. Brent
May. 11thOne encounter with Jesus Christ is enough to...Luis Palau
May. 12thIf we are to accept the teaching of Jesus at all,....William Barclay
May. 13thChrist is the Word of God. It is not in certain...Phillips Brooks
May. 14thOnce you make up your mind never to stand waiting....John Keble
May. 15thMany a professing Christian is a stumbling-block.....D.L. Moody
May. 16thThe acknowledgment of our weakness is the first...Thomas a Kempis
May. 17thThe knowledge of God is very far from the love of....Blaise Pascal
May. 18thI think that most Christians would be better...A. W. Tozer
May. 19thTheologically, we have been discovering anew that....Stephen Neill
May. 20thFor a small reward, a man will hurry away on a...Thomas à Kempis
May. 21stSince God offers to manage our affairs for us, let...J. P. de Caussade
May. 22ndThe spiritual life is a stern choice. It is not a....Evelyn Underhill
May. 23rdIt is an abuse to confess any kind of sin, mortal....François de Sales
May. 24thA comprehended god is no god.St. John Chrysostom
May. 25thWe must shift our interest from the seen to the...A.W. Tozer
May. 26thIt is easier to ridicule than commend.Thomas Fuller
May. 27thLord revive Your church and begin with me.Chinese Christian
May. 28thThe whole being of any Christian is Faith and...Martin Luther
May. 29thRemember, a small light will do a great deal when....Dwight L. Moody
May. 30thWe never become truly spiritual by sitting down...Phillips Brooks
May. 31stAbove all, desire to please Christ; dread his...Rowland Croucher

June 2022

Jun. 1stYou must not lose confidence in God because you...Francis Schaeffer
Jun. 2ndMany times disillusionment comes simply because...Mark Wiley
Jun. 3rdIf God led you to it, He will lead you through it.Author Unknown
Jun. 4thTrials are not enemies of faith but are...Author Unknown
Jun. 5thThe noble love of Jesus impels a man to do great.....Thomas à Kempis
Jun. 6thTo the world, you may be one person, but to one...Author Unknown
Jun. 7thGod is a busy worker, but he loves help.Basque Proverb
Jun. 8th'Thinking Christianly' is thinking by Christians.....Os Guinness
Jun. 9thOnly those whose souls have struck the deepest...Richard DeHaan
Jun. 10thWe do not cease to be children because we are...Frederick Denison Maurice
Jun. 11thTime is too swift for those who fear, too long for...Henry van Dyke
Jun. 12thHe who has not forgiven an enemy has not yet...Johann K. Lavater
Jun. 13thWe can stand affliction better than we can...Dwight L. Moody
Jun. 14thLove always involves responsibility, and love...William Barclay
Jun. 15thIf we wait upon God, there is no danger. If we...John Darby
Jun. 16thOur valleys may be filled with foes and tears; but...Billy Graham
Jun. 17thMen can heal lust. Angels can heal malice. God...John Climacus
Jun. 18thApart from God every activity is merely a passing....Alfred North Whitehead
Jun. 19thFew things are more infectious than a godly...Charles Swindoll
Jun. 20thI don't see the big picture. I don't have a clue.....Steven Curtis Chapman
Jun. 21stWe cannot live with bitterness because it will...Tom Drout
Jun. 22ndReputation is character minus what you've been...Author Unknown
Jun. 23rdThe reason that most major goals are not achieved....Robert J. McKain
Jun. 24thToday we are overboard on belief but bankrupt on.....Author Unknown
Jun. 25thIt is the highest and holiest of the paradoxes...G. K. Chesterton
Jun. 26thJoy is the experience of knowing that you are...Henri Nouwen
Jun. 27thPride is tasteless, colorless and sizeless. Yet it...August B. Black
Jun. 28thWishing will never be a substitute for prayer.Ed Cole
Jun. 29thPride is what we have. Vanity is what others have.Author Unknown
Jun. 30thSomebody is waiting on the other side of your...Tim Storey

July 2022

Jul. 1stChrist is with those of humble mind, not with...Clement of Rome
Jul. 2ndThe greatest battles are fought in the mind.Casey Treat
Jul. 3rdSatan, the Hinderer, may build a barrier about us,...J. Hudson Taylor
Jul. 4thThe word of God hidden in the heart is a stubborn....Billy Graham
Jul. 5thThe beautiful thing about this adventure called...Charles R. Swindoll
Jul. 6thIt's a good thing to have all the props pulled out...Madeleine L'Engle
Jul. 7thJesus, like any good fisherman, first catches the....Mark Potter
Jul. 8thThe church exists by mission, as fire exists by...Emil Brunner
Jul. 9thThe long dull monotonous years of middle-aged...C. S. Lewis
Jul. 10thPray, and let God worry.Martin Luther
Jul. 11thI only know this, that if He had not sought me...Charles H. Spurgeon
Jul. 12thSatan watches for those vessels that sail without....George Swinnock
Jul. 13thAn idol of the mind is as offensive to God as an.....A. W. Tozer
Jul. 14thIf I didn't have spiritual faith, I would be a...Billy Graham
Jul. 15thGod does not give us everything we want, but He...Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Jul. 16thI never knew how to worship until I knew how to...Henry Ward Beecher
Jul. 17thForgiveness is the fragrance that a flower leaves....Author Unknown
Jul. 18thIt is comforting to know that the God who guides.....Author Unknown
Jul. 19th'Difficulty' is not a word to be found in the...Charles H. Spurgeon
Jul. 20thI do not know anyne who goes through life without....Cindy Jacobs
Jul. 21stSometimes God has to put us flat on our back...Jack Graham
Jul. 22ndTo have God in our life, doesn't mean sailing on a...Author Unknown
Jul. 23rdPardon comes not to the soul alone; or rather,...John Owen
Jul. 24thGod did not write a book and send it by messenger....A. W. Tozer
Jul. 25thEvery man naturally desires knowledge; but what...Thomas à Kempis
Jul. 26th'Twas an unhappy Division that has been made...John Selden
Jul. 27thThe glory of God is a living man; and the life of....Irenaeus
Jul. 28thExperience makes us see an enormous difference...Blaise Pascal
Jul. 29thWhence comes this idea that if what we are doing.....Catherine Marshall
Jul. 30thThe longer you delay, the more your sin gets...Richard Baxter
Jul. 31stNot until we have become humble and teachable,...J. I. Packer

August 2022

Aug. 1stKindness is in our power, even when fondness is...Samuel Johnson
Aug. 2ndIt is a sure mark of grace to desire more.Robert Murray M'Cheyne
Aug. 3rdHere lies the tremendous mystery - that God should...Elisabeth Elliot
Aug. 4thIf God were small enough to be understood, He...Evelyn Underhill
Aug. 5thAt times all of us experience fear. But don't...Woodroll Kroll
Aug. 6thFor the rest of my life I'm going to trust that...Nancy Parker Brummett
Aug. 7thI believe in the sun even if it isn't shining. I....Author Unknown
Aug. 8thFaith enables persons to be persons because it...Carter Lindberg
Aug. 9thThe value of consistent prayer is not that He will...William McGill
Aug. 10thGod speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening...Mother Teresa
Aug. 11thGod gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have...William A. Ward
Aug. 12thOpportunity may knock only once, but temptation...Author Unknown
Aug. 13thThe first great gift we can bestow on others is a....Thomas Morell
Aug. 14thIn the total expanse of human life there is not a....Abraham Kuyper
Aug. 15thKindness is the oil that takes friction out of...Author Unknown
Aug. 16thNot only does sin hinder prayer; prayer hinders...Dr. Alvin Vander Griend
Aug. 17thPerhaps one reason God delays His answers to our.....Ben Patterson
Aug. 18thI will not work my soul to save,|For that my Lord....William Henry Griffith Thomas
Aug. 19thContentment is not by addition but by subtraction:...Jeremiah Burroughs
Aug. 20thAffliction comes to the believer not to make him.....Henry Ward Beecher
Aug. 21stGrace binds you with far stronger cords than the.....E. Stanley Jones
Aug. 22ndBe thankful for the least gift, so shalt thou be.....Thomas à Kempis
Aug. 23rdSmall numbers make no difference to God. There is...Dwight L. Moody
Aug. 24thFor nourishment, comfort, exhilaration, and...Charles H. Spurgeon
Aug. 25thThe stars may fall, but God's promises will stand....J. I. Packer
Aug. 26thRejoice in knowing that you belong to God and that...John MacArthur
Aug. 27thThose who are wholly God's are always happy.Francois Fenelon
Aug. 28thThe Lord gets his best soldiers out of the...Charles H. Spurgeon
Aug. 29thThe duty of the church is to comfort the disturbed...Michael Ramsey
Aug. 30thThe life of faith does not earn eternal life: it.....William Temple
Aug. 31stGod desires and is pleased to communicate with us....A. W. Tozer

September 2022

Sep. 1stGod is God. Because He is God, He is worthy of my....Elisabeth Elliot
Sep. 2ndThose who know God the best are the richest and...Edward McKendree (E. M.) Bounds
Sep. 3rdWe can never hear the warning often enough. The...Lin Pearson
Sep. 4thA good witness isn't like a salesman, his emphasis...John White
Sep. 5thGod doesn't always smooth the path, but sometimes....Marshall Lucas
Sep. 6thOn days when life is difficult and I feel...Bruce Larson
Sep. 7thLet a man set his heart only on doing the will of....A. W. Tozer
Sep. 8thThen are we servants of God, then are we the...John Owen
Sep. 9thWhy is there so much running to and fro to...Andrew Bonar
Sep. 10thI clearly recognize that all good is in God alone,...Catherine of Genoa
Sep. 11thNo one is safe by his own strength, but he is safe...St. Cyprian
Sep. 12thIf I slip into the place that can be filled by...Amy Carmichael
Sep. 13thI have had more trouble with myself than with any....Dwight Moody
Sep. 14thThe trouble with nearly everybody who prays is...Frank Laubach
Sep. 15thOur Adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry...Richard J. Foster
Sep. 16thHe who prays as he ought will endeavour to live as...John Owen
Sep. 17thGod takes us into deep waters, not to drown us but...Author Unknown
Sep. 18thChristians ought not to be smothered in fear....Henry Blackaby
Sep. 19thLive as though Christ died yesterday, rose from...Theodore Epp
Sep. 20thThere is a great man who makes every man feel...G. K. Chesterton
Sep. 21stJesus gives us real eyes, so we can realize, where...Michael McInerney
Sep. 22ndIf you want to see God's power at work, you must.....Author Unknown
Sep. 23rdLove is an action, not a feeling. Love is a...Mack Timberlake
Sep. 24thIf you get busy serving God, you're too busy to...Chuck Baker
Sep. 25thAbsolutely nothing will revitalize a discouraged.....Rick Warren
Sep. 26thSin will take you farther than you want to go,...Author Unknown
Sep. 27thPassion will move men beyond themselves, beyond...Joe Campbell
Sep. 28thBy means of art we are sometimes sent - dimly,...Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Sep. 29thHe that returns good for evil obtains the victory.Thomas Fuller
Sep. 30thChrist is a substitute for everything, but nothing...H.A. Ironside

October 2022

Oct. 1stWhen you are ready to stop bargaining, He will...Author Unknown
Oct. 2ndOne is a Christian 7/24/365 or he is but a...Richard H. Jett
Oct. 3rdWhatever tries us in any way, speak to the Lord...George Mueller
Oct. 4thThe Church is a society of sinners - the only...Charles C. Morrison
Oct. 5thA firm faith in the universal providence of God is...B. B. Warfield
Oct. 6thRepentance is a change of willing, of feeling and....Charles Finney
Oct. 7thI have lived, a long time, and the longer I live,....Benjamin Franklin
Oct. 8thI resolve to endeavor to my utmost to act and...Jonathan Edwards
Oct. 9thWhen God is about to do something great, he starts...Armin Gesswein
Oct. 10thGod sees with utter clarity who we are. He is...John Ortberg
Oct. 11thShould we feel at times disheartened and...François Fénelon
Oct. 12thThe secret of Christian quietness is not...Oswald Chambers
Oct. 13thThe Word is stronger than all the evils in the...Origen
Oct. 14thEven when we cannot see the why and wherefore of.....J. I. Packer
Oct. 15thWe need deliberately to call to mind the joys of.....George A. Buttrick
Oct. 16thI believe in God like I believe in the sun rise. ....C. S. Lewis
Oct. 17thKeep one thing in view forever- the truth; and if....Horace Mann
Oct. 18thWe are called to stand on the Promises, not to...Author Unknown
Oct. 19thDon't ask what the world wants, be what the world....Ryan Lister
Oct. 20thForgiveness is the well from which we draw the...D. Siler
Oct. 21stThe winds of God are always blowing, but you must....François Fénelon
Oct. 22ndWe turn to God for help when our foundations are.....Charles West
Oct. 23rdThe knowledge of Christ's love for us should cause...Edward Bedore
Oct. 24thMeasure not men by Sundays, without regarding what...Thomas Fuller
Oct. 25thTo holy people the very name of Jesus is a name to...John Henry Newman
Oct. 26thIt is in the ordinary duties and labors of life...Thomas Merton
Oct. 27thLove begins when the needs of someone else become....Lao Wei
Oct. 28thIt is good to have an end to journey toward; but.....Ursula LeGuin
Oct. 29thWhat you do every day should contribute to giving....Don Hutcheson
Oct. 30thMy religion consists of a humble admiration of the...Albert Einstein
Oct. 31stMany promising reconciliations have broken down...Charles Williams

November 2022

Nov. 1stHeaven is not here, it's There. If we were given.....Elisabeth Elliot
Nov. 2ndOur life is full of brokenness - broken...Henri Nouwen
Nov. 3rdThere is nothing that we can see on earth which...Blaise Pascal
Nov. 4thThe greatest proof of Christianity for others is.....T. S. Eliot
Nov. 5thThe tragedy of life and of the world is not that.....William Barclay
Nov. 6thFor God to explain a trial would be to destroy its...Alfred Edersheim
Nov. 7thWhatsoever we beg of God, let us also work for it.Jeremy Taylor
Nov. 8thI can contribute nothing to my own salvation,...William Temple
Nov. 9thThere is always time enough in a day to do God's.....Roy Lessin
Nov. 10thDefend the Bible? I would just as soon defend a...Charles H. Spurgeon
Nov. 11thThe trouble is that I'm in a hurry, but God isn't.Phillips Brooks
Nov. 12thI belong to the "Great-God Party", and will have.....C. T. Studd
Nov. 13thMen perish with whispering sins — nay, with....John Donne
Nov. 14thThere are no accidents in the life of the...Rowland Bingham
Nov. 15thJesus hath many lovers of His heavenly Kingdom,...Thomas à Kempis
Nov. 16thHave patience with all things, but chiefly have...Francois de Sales
Nov. 17thThe great thing in the world is not so much where....Holmes
Nov. 18thCharacter may be manifested in the great moments,....Phillips Brooks
Nov. 19thGod's power under us, in us, surging through us,.....Bruce Wilkinson
Nov. 20thRich is the person who has a praying friend.Janice Hughes
Nov. 21stGod is looking for those with whom He can do the.....A. W. Tozer
Nov. 22ndTrue faith produces a life full of actions, not a....Author Unknown
Nov. 23rdHave you thought about His (God) handling of the.....John Eldredge
Nov. 24thThe stream of spontaneous acts of Godly kindness.....Constance Hurst-Howard
Nov. 25thHow would telling people to be nice to one another...Philip Yancey
Nov. 26thThe deepest desire of our hearts is for union for....Brennan Manning
Nov. 27thLove consents to all and commands only those who.....Simone Weil
Nov. 28thGod weeps with us so that we may one day laugh...Jurgen Moltmann
Nov. 29thAll that the downtrodden can do is go on hoping. ....Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Nov. 30thI do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I...Walt Witman

December 2022

Dec. 1stIt is not the strength of your faith but the...Timothy Keller
Dec. 2ndJesus gave history a new beginning. In every land...George Buttrick
Dec. 3rdI know men and I tell you that Jesus Christ was no...Napoleon
Dec. 4thDeny your weakness, and you will never realize...Joni Eareckson Tada
Dec. 5thThe refiner is never very far from the mouth of...Charles H. Spurgeon
Dec. 6thWe must allow the Word of God to confront us, to.....John Stott
Dec. 7thApathy is the glove into which evil slips its...Bodie Thoene
Dec. 8thThe point of having an open mind, like having an.....G. K. Chesterton
Dec. 9thIf the whole universe has no meaning, we should...C. S. Lewis
Dec. 10thIf there is any kindness I can show, or any good.....William Penn
Dec. 11thTied to the value of the person is the principle.....Douglas Groothuis
Dec. 12thI longed to be a flame of fire continually glowing...David Brainerd
Dec. 13thIf we would learn from our prosperity, we would...Charles H. Spurgeon
Dec. 14thWatch your thoughts; they become words.|Watch your...Frank Outlaw
Dec. 15thThe Spirit of God will not lead a man where the...Author Unknown
Dec. 16thDon't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but....Robert Louis Stevenson
Dec. 17thFear less, hope more;|Whine less, breathe...Swedish Proverb
Dec. 18thWe meet God through entering into a relationship.....J. I. Packer
Dec. 19thThe person rowing the boat seldom has time to rock...Bill Copeland
Dec. 20thChristmas is not a time nor a season, but a state....Calvin Coolidge
Dec. 21stBless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of.....Helen Steiner Rice
Dec. 22ndBlessed is the season which engages the whole...Hamilton Wright Mabi
Dec. 23rdThe whole concept of God taking human shape had...Jane Vonnegut Yarmolinsky
Dec. 24thTo perceive Christmas through it`s wrapping...E. B. White
Dec. 25thLet us remember that the Christmas heart is a...George Matthew Adams
Dec. 26thWe must be willing to get rid of the life we have....Joseph Campbell
Dec. 27thWhat seems too difficult for us is a sure sign...Marie DePree
Dec. 28thThe Son of God became the Son of man so that the.....Terry Fullam
Dec. 29thWithout faith... nothing is possible. With it........Mary McLeod Bethune
Dec. 30thBelievers have not been distinctly guided to see.....Andrew Murray
Dec. 31stGod never made a promise that was too good to be.....Dwight L. Moody

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