Two Minute Meditations (Page 2) 2004 Archives

Refuse to Be Slicked

Have you been slicked lately by the ads?

Just like the fast food ads decieve us by making their product look too good to be true, so also satan deceives and tempts us.

Christian Independence Day

What is Christian Independence Day?

Christian Independence day is each and every Sunday as we celebrate our deliverance from death through the Lord's Supper.

The First to See the Sunrise

Why would anyone live in such a place of discomfort and danger?

Christians are called to be in the place of danger to help others find their way home to safe harbor.

Will They Walk in My Footsteps?

What do you have for

We are going to pass along something to our kids, let's make sure it is worthwhile!

Our Transit Across the Son

Just how significant is my life?

God takes our small lives and fills it meaning and purpose even though its time is short.

Why Do We Do It?

What keeps us doing the Heartlight ministry?

Request for help and an explanation why we keep Heartlight going.

Be Strong and Courageous

Why should we be strong and courageous?

God wants us to be courageous and strong as we enter into the areas or territory in our lives.

Living Your Dream

Are you living the dream God placed inside you?

God has placed a dream in each of our hearts and we will not be satisfied until we find it.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow ... ?

Is there anything good about being away from the one you love?

Being away from someone you love only makes you want to be with them more, but it hard and stinks!

Window to the Heart of God

Can we know how God felt when His Son died?

Mary helps us understand what it must have been like for God; she is the window to God's heart.

What Gets in Your Way?

Are you going to let that keep you away from Jesus?

We lose sight of what is important and let many things get between us and Jesus.

The Church of Today!

When do you want our young people to start?

We cannot wait for our teens and young adults to grow older before we use them in service to the Kingdom.

Answer My Prayers

What's the greatest answer to our prayers?

Thanksgiving is the great blessing in prayer that we must always participate in.

Clean Spring Rains

How clean can you get?

When we forgive, it cleanses us like a spring rain.

Faithful Friends?

Can I find a friend that is truly faithful?

Friends are fickle and Jesus' friends were truly fickle and faithfless, but Jesus is a faithful friend.

We Shouldn't Be Surprised

Why would people hate the Passion so much?

We shouldn't be surprised when many people are repulsed or don't like the Passion of the Christ.

Early Re-runs

Tired of seeing the same ol' thing?

God will help us overcome our sinful re-runs.


Can you remember who helped you the most?

Let's focus on the people who have been a blessing, a strength, an encouragement, and not on the baser side of things: let's honor our leaders and mentors.

Last Things

Are they last or are they lasting?

Leaving is not forever for Christians and good-bye is just see you later.

Covered Signs

Are we keeping the grace of God hidden from outsiders?

So often we cover the signs of God's grace in us with our own pettiness and sinfulness.

They Had Been With Jesus

Can folks tell you've been in His presence?

Sure people will be touched by The Passion, but will they be touched by what they see of Christ in us?

Love in Any Language

Can you communicate love across races, cultures, and language?

God communicated his love in a way that people of every language can understand: he did it through Jesus' death on the Cross.

Life Transformation in Less Than an Hour

Can it really happen in less than an hour?

One hour life transformation may be promised by an ad, but Jesus working through the Holy Spirit can make it happen!

The Heart and Soul of Success

An appreciation for those in the trenches ...

While in the world the folks who are the secret to success don't get noticed, God notices the servants among us and so must we.

With a Cherry on Top

What ever happened to kind, courteous, and respectful speech?

We need to put kind and courteous speech back into our lifestyle.