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Much More than a Day Fishing

Stories reveal our insides, and on that day, Brook got a rare glimpse inside his dad... and he liked it!

Ron Rose is in the coffee shop carrying on a conversation when God shows up and reminds us of the huge difference a little time with our kids can make to their future and the world.

Ready for Anything That Comes

Here is someone whose faith has stood the test of time and continues to display that faith in the face of great challenges.

Phillip Morrison reminds us of the decency, faith, and goodness of two former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.

Bigotry: The Shoe Is on the other Foot

Some would make religion the reason for disqualification?

Rubel Shelly comments on the recommendation of Francis Collins nomination for the head of NIH and the Sam Harris criticism of his nomination.

What We Have Seen and Heard

What is the place of faith in the public square?

Patrick Odum shares insights on sharing our faith in the public square using the reaction to Rick Warren's prayer at President Obama's inauguration.

Fast for the President

Let's pray for our leaders!

Bob Sjogren reminds us the importance of fasting and praying for the president.

On Our Knees

Let's be in prayer!

Phil Ware reminds us of the importance of prayer before and after this election.

How People Will Remember You

What counts most in the life you live today?

Gerald Ford was not flashy or spectacular, but he was kind, honest, decent, and dependable as a president and a husband and that is how he will be remembered.

Join the Procession

Have you been by to honor him?

Jesus didn't have a head of state funeral, but his life has counted more than any other leader every.

The President Visits Daytona

What spiritual lessons can be learned from the President and NASCAR?

The President can only come for a drop in visit at NASCAR, but Jesus comes to stay in our daily lives.

Honoring Presidents' Day?

Do we really need to remember this?

George Washington, like other early leaders in the United States, led by faith.