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Exercising the Spirit: Rule of Life

Are you ready to set out on your own with God?

The Rule of Life is our own commitment to live out the spiritual disciplines, exercising the Spirit and doing what God longs to see us doing.

How Do You Grasp this Mystery?

Jesus longs to be born again into our world in me?

Jesus wasn't just born into our world in the womb of Mary, but he longs to be born into our world again in each individual Christian the Holy Spirit gives birth to in the world.

Working on Your Soul

What in the world does Ray Romano have to do with soulwork?

Ray Romano said he is off to do soul work remembering a note he received from his brother about something that Jesus said about losing ones soul.

Hear the Echo?

What will people hear from you?

We create echoes by our life, so what kind of echo will you hear from the people around you?

Growth and Change

Are you ready to grow and be changed?

Change comes from following the principles in the good ol' Bible given to us by God!

More than Change

Surely you want to do something a little deeper than just another coat of pain?

External changes won't cut it, we need real spiritual transformation which comes from the Spirit of God.

Free to Be Authentic

Are you truly free?

When we don't have to impress folks, we are free to live authentically.


How do you get un-stuck?

Stuck in an airport trying to get home, Phil realizes several lessons about getting un-stuck spiritually.

Living Life in Balance

How are you doing on life's see-saw?

We need to be balance in our lives -- physically, spiritually, and relationally.

Right Direction and Losing Ground

Does it seem like you're losing ground but working harder than ever?

So often we get pre-occupied with being busy that we forget to check our direction and our progress

Reflecting on the Years

What have you learned and done based on what happened last year?

As we age and the years speed by, we need to take some time and examine what we have done with our lives.

Exercising the Spirit

What have you done to grow your soul lately?

While we focus on physical exercise at the beginning of the year, why not also focus on spiritual exercise, too?

Life in Three Centuries

How many centuries will you live to see?

Remembering a great lady of faith who lived for 106 years.

Hoof, Anvil, Fire, Wall, or Junk Pile

Where did you put your faith?

Our faith can either be real and shaping us to be useful to God or it can be discarded or nothing more than a good luck charm.

Soul Work is Slow Work

Are you willing to take the time to let God work on you?

Soul work takes tiem and in our instant society we must be patient and let God do his work on us.

How Do You Measure Yourself?

How do you measure up?

While we can measure many things in many ways, there is only one way to measure a Christian -- by the standard of Jesus!

Just Got That Look!

Who do you look like?

We may look like a lot of people, but the real issue is whether or not we look like Jesus.

"Live and Learn"

How did you get so smart?

Faith is about experience learning, not just sitting in a pew and having church book learning.

A Prayer for our Child

What is on your heart this graduation?

A prayer for graduating seniors by parents.

The Rub of New Shoes

How long will you wear yours?

A new pair of shoes helps Mike figure out why we need some traditions.

What Do You Want Them to Be?

When all is said and done, what will you be?

When we grow up, we want to be like Jesus!

Morning Glory

Do you know some late bloomers?

Sometimes it takes some people many years to truly bloom, but we must be patient because when they do it is senstational!

No Pain, No Gain

How does your shoulder feel?

Exercise can cause pain, but that pain is necessary to help us grow and see things more clearly.

We Did It Last Year

Doing the same thing the same way often means the same results!

We can and must learn from our mistakes!

Not Yet What It Will Be

Are you not there yet?

We must not give up on ourselves or each other because we are not there yet!