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Can you walk this walk from now on?

It's not how many days we have, but how we use those days for God that matter -- or to say it differently, it is not how far we walk, but how we walk in the miles we cover that matter most.

The Guts to Not Fight Back!

Do you have this kind of courage?

Jackie Robinson demonstrated true courage when he handled himself in an exemplerary manner when becoming the first black to play pro baseball in the major leagues.

Don't Forget to Vote

So who will win the election you're voting in today?

What we do is our vote and if we are disinterested, that vote shows up too, so let's vote with integrity each day.

You Are the Way

Why don't we do it God's way?

While we know the will of God, we often do things our way instead of His way.

A Mom Takes Her Stand

What's a mom to do?

A mom reminds us how to use a gentle answer to deal with a difficult problem.

Cozying Up to a Holy God

When is it wrong to try to portray God as our friend?

Displaying our faith is laudable if it is backed up by a life committed to living what we say; otherwise, it's dangerous!

Re-Thinking Election Strategy?

Can anything good come out of politics?

While we can get sickened by election rhetoric, sometimes good lessons can be learned from good men!

The Truth Behind Fancy Words

What lies behind the words we use to describe ourselves?

The truth is often not found in the fancy words we use about ourselves; what matters is the heart.

Do You Shine?

If someone were to see you, would you match with Jesus?

Christians should be recognizable because their behavior and conduct match that of Jesus.

Passing Records

Someone really will turn down their name in the record book?

Human records are only passing memories soon to be forgotten.